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Bump on this Does anyone know what to do with the DMGs that the lcd  doesn't work it on anymore?
Been trying to figure out if I can connect to an external display with it.

Any comments or suggestions

Just asking


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ive tried all your suggestions, i even emailed the professor and he suggested a thin piece of paper to get the contacts to lift closer to the gameboy contacts. but i have had no luck, im going to return it and order another one if there are any available

thank you for your suggestions much appreciated

Honestly I don't know, it's odd that it is out of stock considering that it says they have only sold 3
And the price went up to 35$ now. I should of scooped up a few when I had the chance


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Hey guys i got my Drag N Derp yesterday

ive been trying to add a ROM to it but no matter what ROM i add it doesn't boot up correctly.
a distorted Nintendo sign rolls down and that is all i get.

Does anyone know what could be happening  thank you

yeah they took the guts of an older gameboy and gave it a new case and buttons, two gripes about it though
1.) there are two vertical lines dead on the right side, fixed it no biggie
2.) the battery had a little rust on it.

apart from that the condition is pretty pristine and for the price it was worth it.

Also side note. I don't know if you guys have ever bought from aliexpress, but you can haggle the seller if you buy in bulk or just asking or mentioning that someone bought one for cheaper and they do drop the price. It's like a flea market (swap meet) and eBay combined. Also ask if they have one with out the Pokemon logo. It looks ugly.

Sorry for the delay.

Mine came in today. Your right it looks refurbished.  Also I noticed the seller raised the price
The one I bought was 22$

Hey guys I found out that they are selling brand new
DMG's.  They come directly from China for 22$

The sad part is now you have to figure out which ones are fakes
From the ones you own because they look identical down to the Nintendo logo
I need to open it up to further inspect it tho

How much


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What is the best way of buying a gameboy for modding? I've got a few from eBay and it's been a mixed bag, sometimes they are good other times they have been an attempted failed backlit mod.  Does anyone look for certain details? Are the "restored" any better? Or are there other websites? Just looking for quality Dmg to mod

thank you

I own an EMS 64m smartcart. Had it for three years. No issues, the drag n derp seems higher quality to me and I want to invest in one. The only issue I have is the 100$ DnD vs the 40$ 64m EMS. But Imma try the DnD, the people who own one seem very satisfied with them. No real complaints about it.

Which one is better?

http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product … 51347.html found this GB BOy back on for sale again

http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product … 51347.html found this GB BOy back on for sale again

If someone finds out where to buy them please let us know