CCAM is for machines with Sega 315-5476, 5660, 5700 and 5708 ASICs. But it should work nicely with 315-5960, and it also works with the ASIC in VA2 Genny3, but you need 100K resistors instead of 22K ones on the FM input lines.

As long as all your transistors are equal and resistors accurate (small differences will cause distortion) then you should not get issues with sound quality. I once mixed different manufactuer transistors and had to corrigate resistor values to get both channels equal...

Wohoo, flashcarts tongue

I could rewrite them with my MPCP, at least when I have !WE lines wired on the chips and cartslot

Are these Flash chips or OTP EPROMs ?

To get best possible "SMS" sound out of a MD you need to do my sound mod on the machine, then you get something some people have quoted as being studio quality sound tongue


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Regarding my MD tracker, it will get a release, as is, since its more or less abandoned and it cannot be expanded any further because of stupid design choices and other problems.
The release would not have PC2MD support since it does not fit in the code and was very buggy anyway...
ALL of the tools are MS-DOS based.

Release happens when I start writing a new setup and complete it enough so I can make music on it myself. New setup would require special flashcart as it would rely on extra HW present in such cart to allow 4 channel PCM playback with less effort.

I got GEMS :3

Its not very easy to use nor you hear any MD sound if you got no GEMS board and Sega Loader board + LPT cable. You also need a MD1 with EXT connctor next to RF connector.

It was really cool to have sounds come from MD while I pressed keys on PC side big_smile


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Saturn has a very powerful sound setup...

You have 32 channels/operators. Each channel can either be an operator or a PCM channel. You can have as many FM channels as you wish, limited by your operators... you can have 31 one operator channels and 1 PCM channel or perhaps 1x 32 oprator FM channel. Each op/ch has self feedback, and you can tie the oprators in almost any algo you want. One operator can have 2x input operators, or 1 input operator + self feedback. You are NOT limited to certain waveforms (only with hardware vibrato, there you got sine, triangle, saw, noise, like OPM), you can use any kind of waveforms you want, even drum samples, lol.
Then there's the DSP. I have not figured out wether the DSP gets its default program from 68K/BIOS or its stored inside a ROM in the chip... you CAN load in your own DSP code though.
Then there's the lovely 68K in charge of all sound related tasks big_smile

You are meant to use its synthesis part for sounds rather than plain samples... you only have PCM sample support, no ADPCM (only if you do it in software on 68K) and raw PCM gets limiting with 512KB of sound RAM, but with FM you can do wonders with just one single 512byte sample !

not everyone tells what they used to make the tune with...

Basically, each submission would get a classification on what machine its made on... i.e I don't like GameBoy so I filter out stuff that's made with GameBoy and focus on thigns that are left like NES/FC, SMS, MD/Genny etc.