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I've been looking at downsizing my whole studio setup and came across the Erica Synths Pico modules. Anyone using these in their setups?

The drums module, that lets you load your own samples, is really interesting to me. Since it offers control over pitch, I'm thinking I could load sped up samples then pitch them down to fit a ton of stuff with a low bit rate feel to them.

Anyhow, if anyone has tried these out I'd love to hear what you think about them.


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Web stuff


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I've been thinking about getting a polyphonic synth for pads and arps and liked these demo videos for the Korg Minilogue. Seems like the chord mode would helpful for someone like me who doesn't have a strong music theory background and isn't really a skilled keyboardist. The built in sequencer is pretty cool too.

Have any of you incorporated this synth into your setups? Any other synths you would suggest checking out?


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Anyone get their hands on one of these Eurorack Pokey Synths? I have a small modular setup with some FM and SID based stuff from ALM, but hadn't seen this Pokey before. Looks awesome.

What's up y'all. Just discovered this forum. I just started making punk influenced chip tunes with TherapSID and MidiNES.