There's been like, 3 million introduction threads, and while that's awesome and great, it's getting a little cluttery! So I decided to take it upon myself to kind of designate a thread specifically for introductions.

So basically, if you're new here, feel free to introduce yourself here and ask any questions you might have, or share some of your first music/art/whatever it is that you do!

Also, while you're here, it's a really really great idea to remember these two tips I have for you, if you want to avoid annoying some of the senior members here!

1. Please read the stickied threads at the top of each forum! They contain useful information like how to's, rules, and FAQs! It'll help you learn faster and help you settle in as well wink

2. There's a search box! USE IT! big_smile It's frustrating to see "What happened to so and so site?" and "How do I make chiptunes?" posted 4 times in a row the same day. There's plenty of easily accessible resources on here, and its in your greatest interests to utilize them!

Anyway, have fun here and remember that it's all fun and games! smile

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Massachusetts, USA

I guess I'll go first! Hi, my name is Sam and I love chip music. Sometimes I play it on a college radio station, at WMFO Medford in Medford, MA, which is where I live. Sometimes I write songs with LSDJ and play my guitar and sing along. My latest song is all about looking for sasquatch and it's called "Looking for Sasquatch". I try to go to as many chip shows in the Boston area as I can, and I am very sad that I am not going to Blip because of a work commitment. The end.

Westfield, NJ

Hi my name is Christian, I go by the name Decktonic and I make music with the KORG DS10 (and sometimes Nanoloop for iOS or Ableton Live). I am working on an album which I will be releasing in June and I was wondering if anyone here makes DS10 music too.


hi my name is victor and I make music too


I've been lurking around for a bit now, but I'm definitely still new enough here to warrant an introduction.

The name's Brett, and until a few months ago I didn't even know what the word "tracker" meant.  I love every kind of music short of Country and the bad side of rap, but for some reason never lent much thought to making it until now.  Bounced around between a bunch of different programs for a little while before finally settling on LSDJ and Famitracker.  Still a student, so my life outside of chiptuning and media consumption isn't particularly eventful, but I do just fine - besides creating a musical legacy, I've promised myself I'm going to write a novel in the next 2 years or so. 

So far I've only really got a few neat loops and a quasi-song to my name (which you may have seen posted previously):
With any luck and a lot of practice that'll be changing soon smile

Detroit, MI

Hey guys, relatively new here myself. I've been playing music for years, and teach music to pay the bills. Still new to chip stuff. I've been using nanoloop (1.6) so far. Mostly been writing for a band that is taking forever to take off...
I looked at LSDJ once and it seemed like it would take more than ten minutes to That's about it. I've put some music up, always looking for input!


Hi, I'm not new here.

Gosford, Australia
VCMG wrote:

Hi, I'm not new here.

hello not new here

Las Vegas

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii. I'm Cheyne. Got interested in chip music in 2009 after hearing Henry Homesweet's Red Bull competition entry. I also found it VERY appealing to be able to have a "band" in your hands and be able to work at your own pace, v.s being in a band, depending on other people, blah blah. Started with LSDJ and was hooked. Currently composing music under the name HIde Your Tigers. Yep thats about it.

orange county, CA

hi, my name is Chris Ramon and i make chip music under the name DataFix. still sorta new to cm.o. i just released an EP yesterday. it's free.

Tulsa, OK

I am pretty new here, I am Jake Allison, and I make music under the name Jake Allison wink I have always wanted just to go by Jake, but I figure someone has that locked down. I live in the passable city of Tulsa Oklahoma (no chip scene sad )

I use nanoloop for iPhone, and I venture out of the steriotypical chip music sound most of the time - mostly because nanoloop iPhone suscks at creating that vibe, but it is great at a lot of other things smile but I like to keep it at least moderately chippy sounding

I play a lot of music outside of nanoloop as well, I have played bass guitar for 7 years now, and I love it. I also play the drums, keys, guitar (bad at guitar), and a bunch of fun stuff. I play in a worship band, and that is a lot of fun, and some good summer travel smile plus it's a great opportunity to see the Lord at work in people's lives, and in my own smile but I try not to live on a spiritual mountain top. My faith comes before anything else in my life, but I am not going to bible thump you or anything wink

I am a student, and am currently choosing a Univerity. I have narrowed it down to the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and if I am lucky the University of Tulsa.

I love my Scion xB, and I am deffinetly a Scion entusiest. I like to add little things to it to make it special smile

I am also a big clumsy oaf, have over active saliva glands, and have pidgon toes. I am 6"4' and I am tired of people acting like I am huge, I am not a scientific phenomenon, just taller than average.

I collect hot wheels and all thigs related to the Nintendo GameCube. I love the GameCube.

Enough about me, I wanna hear more about you guys! smile


I am new around these parts. My name is Chris De Pew and I make music under the name of Storm Blooper (used to be Sub-Woofer Special). My music can be found here: . Also just got LSDJ in the mail today thanks to Kitsch!

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Babylon, NY

beep boop


I am Lars. As a musician, I am The Laohu (but my friends call me Laohu). I've been pervin' around CM.O since about February. I sing and play electric guitar with LSDJ accompaniment. I'm working on an EP that I hope to debut in early June. To give everyone an idea of my music, I uploaded this: … l-gat-lsdj
I hope it makes your booty groove.


I am Robert. I have tried making music many times in past years, but could never find an affordable(cheap) way to make music, so I consigned myself to screwing around as the drummer/bassist/singer for my school's Hard Rock Club. I recently founded a band, Anarchists In Suits, with my friends.

A couple of months ago I discovered chipmusic and became obsessed, and immediately started screwing around with as much equipment/software as I could get my hands on. I currently am in possession of an iPhone running nanoloop, a Gameboy with nanoloop 1.2, and a C64c and Atari 2600 that are gathering dust until I can save up enough of my allowance to get a program for them. I have made several crappy songs and two kind of cool songs. I also have made innumerable Daft Punk and White Stripes covers. I have recently started on a project that I hope will come out at least half as well as it sounded in my head.



Hi there... I'm Zef... uh, yeah. I'm not new.