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My debut EP, Arrowhead, is out now for free DL on Bancamp!

These tracks are bangin.

The guitar and drum sounds really give it a good rock feel.  I like the groove that you have going on for most of the song.  There's definitely some cool stuff going on here.

There were also some weird things going on though.
The notes in the intro sound a little strange and don't really transition well into the rest of the song.  Towards the middle the slidey notes are a bit much.  Maybe try not sliding every single note into the next.  Also, the transition after the slidey notes is a bit abrupt.

Other than that it sounds pretty good and you'll get even better with practice.  Keep it up :)


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>be an autistic freshman
>go on Youtube to listen to 8 bit covers of songs
>find out about Blipfest, Anamanaguchi, Ultrasyd, and Bitshifter
>decide I want to make 8bit music
>broke as fuck and don't own a gameboy
>download famitracker for free
>lurk famitracker forums for four years
>learn how to not suck
>present day
>try to get into the scene
>end up here through the magic that is Google

(T-T)b is pretty good