Specifically, I'd really like to know what others think about the effectiveness of the song's structure (and if it should be played around with a bit), because while I personally do enjoy it, it's a bit strange to me. I also don't think that it'd work well at all if I used it in a looping context (like how it'd loop in a video game), because it feels a bit too... same-y for looping. I think it works in the context of a two minute song but not in the context of, say, a 10-minute loop in a part of a game.

But of course, I could just be overanalysing it.

Any advice/criticism you guys can give about the composing side of things would be a great help to me. If you're literally here to just tell me that my song is a steaming pile of horse**** (which it probably is), then go ahead. It'll help! And I'll be grateful that you took the time to even shove it through your earholes! :D.

I used the MMC5 module.

EDIT: Oh dear, I forgot to post the song. Here it is: Bravelands

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The guitar and drum sounds really give it a good rock feel.  I like the groove that you have going on for most of the song.  There's definitely some cool stuff going on here.

There were also some weird things going on though.
The notes in the intro sound a little strange and don't really transition well into the rest of the song.  Towards the middle the slidey notes are a bit much.  Maybe try not sliding every single note into the next.  Also, the transition after the slidey notes is a bit abrupt.

Other than that it sounds pretty good and you'll get even better with practice.  Keep it up :)


Overall I like the style you're developing, and I actually like the intro. I also like that you changed up the instrumentation a bit in the third section. The first section starting after the intro and the second section could use a bit more variation in the dynamics and in the instruments, so consider using volume envelopes or setting the release in the notes instead of having them all at the same volume. You can also experiment with changing the duty cycle / pulse width on your instruments, or adding vibrato, which will give you a wider variety to choose from in your palette of sounds. The instrument editor in Famitracker is powerful so it will be good to get familiar with it.

As far as the form/structure goes, the more you practice writing/composing, the more you learn. I like the song how it is, I also think you could develop it more if you decided you wanted to do so, but maybe you are going for a shorter piece with short sections. Are you thinking of using it as the soundtrack for a video game, or are you writing it as a song to stand on its own? That will inform your decisions about how to structure the song. Do you like writing somewhat strange things even though they are strange, or do you want to write something that other people will like even if you don't? That will also inform your decisions. I think playing around with the structure is a great option especially when you're not sure which path to take. Hope some of this was helpful to you, keep up the good work!


Thanks for all the positive comments! I was honestly expecting a more negative response.

@Blipkid: thanks! I was going for a rock feel, I suppose. I really love gritty sounds (i.e. distorted guitars, etc.) and I decided to use the MMC5 module for its extra pulse channels: they have some dirtiness to them in the lower registers. Perfect for power chords, imo. Also, I understand what you mean about the glissando. I kind of overdid it, I guess XD. I'll try toning it down. However, I personally think the intro fits well, so I'll be keeping it. You did get me thinking though... all the interesting things I could do for a new intro. Again, thank you so much!

@urbster1: thanks a lot! \( * 3 *)/ Now that you mention it, the instrumentation and dynamics are a bit stationary. In fact, I think that is what was bothering me when I was writing the song: variety in instrumentation and dynamics! I'll keep it in mind for sure.

I really just wrote it without an intention to be honest, other than writing something that I like (and maybe writing something that has an energetic, almost Mega Man-ish intro). Though I do mostly see it as a stand-alone song. When it comes to whether I should extend the song or not... I honestly have no idea. I mean, I'm fond of short, punchy songs... but the song really could be interesting and special if I just decide to expand on it a bit, build into new sections more smoothly, etc.

You guys have given me such great advice. It is much appreciated.