And I missed the boat on YM2020 hmm Hopefully I'll be able to get the cartridge (which will work properly on PAL systems this time wink

freezedream wrote:

Alright, nula's on board - fantastic! big_smile

thanks =] I managed to make a track ;]

catskull wrote:

thanks! This is by far the "biggest" thing I've ever done, and the stress has been unreal. I've been laying in bed awake at night for the last 3 months worrying if we'd even get submissions. Even before the deadline, we have so many awesome tracks, it's so exciting. I can't even take credit though, the team around YM2017 has been nothing but an absolute dream to work with. I'm really looking forward for everyone to see the fruits of our hard work.

Can't take any credit until everyone gets a cart in their hands though!

Thanks for this project! It's amazing!

Great! Working on it ;]

LOL'd and then PM'd

LOL'd and then PM'd

RAD never looked so nice, thanks :]

great job!

sometimes i feel keybord shortcuts are... unusual :] it saved my day anyway!


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good one! when you did it you could also make better GUI, serious mouse support etc :]


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it's great! but for me it's somehow difficult to handle it smile