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Jellica wrote:

all the cool kids went and brought modular synths



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Aphex Twin is the 4mat for Richard D. James


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Shouts to the Sassykrotch. Your protocol is admirable.


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I tend to steal all my riffs from OxygenStar's 2006-2008 catalog, mixed with Doomcloud's fancy attitude. Radlib may have sprung some influence as well, but his stuff is too over produced and irrelevant now. However, if I could only channel some sadnes vibes, then we'd be on to something there...

2PLAYER wrote:

This is fantastic. It's like you took my favorite parts of Sucker Punch, made it grittier, sped it up, and made an album out of it.


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*peace signs for all*


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roboctopus wrote:

This is totally rad!

and thanks for the purchase!!


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GLOOMS wrote:

<33333 at first i read that as "It is the year 2008" oh no not again!!!!!!!

sorry for the subtle misdirection my friend!

msg me for rebellion details....


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p nice tunes, p nice.


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thank yous to all! (y)


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[cover art by ui]

It is the year 2088, where technology has outnumbered the human population in terms of intelligence and relevance. One cannot take 5 steps without being video taped, retina scanned and archived. But there is hope. You must resist, and unite with anyone who believes in the same methodology as you do. Strength in numbers, frequent person-to-person confrontations, and an abundance of musical atmospheres. The time is now. You must embrace all forms of musical stimulation, in order for your quality of life to improve. Long live the rebellion!! ========End transmission.

Link: https://planetzaxxon.bandcamp.com/album/mobile-swarming

All songs made with LSDJ 4.8.8 and recorded from an original Nintendo Game Boy


2017: chiptune will rise.


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Thanks everyone for listening, debut album will be out next month.


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egr wrote:

!!! Noice™

**thumbs up**


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Here is my debut release. Composed on LSDJ and is a free download, Check it:

Chrome Cobra - How Cobra Got His Groove Back


Bit Bar Salem -  #Micromusic Partay!!!
Friday December 16th, 2016

50 Saint Peter Street
Salem, MA

Rhythmus Records & Bit Bar Salem unite again to bring you the best in LIVE electronic video game music! Our second event has an appearances by one of New Hampshire’s finest chiptune dj’s Chjolo, he will be bookending the event with 3 dj sets between our two special LIVE performances by The Unicorn Princess and Chrome Cobra.

Chrome Cobra is a simple creature, embracing creativity with hope to inspire other like-minded individuals. Music is his voice and his tools of the trade are two Nintendo Game Boys from 1989. Focusing on bass driven operations, Chrome Cobra advocates adventure. 4 channels of harmony is all anyone should need to get their point across, and Chrome Cobra is here to promote excitement through minimal, raw, unrefined sound.


The Unicorn Princess is an electronic artist and sound designer from the greater Boston area, currently residing in NYC. Working with synthesizers, guitar, voice, and sampling, she feels most inspired around retro gear and when writing about human interaction. Her primary focus is to create dark and brooding music with vintage recording techniques and lo-fi approaches.


Chjolo DJ is a Music Producer, DJ, VGM remixes on GameChops, & Game/Software Developer from NH.



8pm - Chjolo DJ spinning Video Game Music and Chiptunes
8:45 - The Unicorn Princess [Rhythmus Records] LIVE
9:15 - Chjolo DJ spinning Video Game Music and Chiptunes
9:45 - Chrome Cobra LIVE
10:15 - Chjolo DJ spinning Video Game Music and Chiptunes


Hosted by Radio Skotvoid
Lights by Retonica

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/228530097582763/