What do you guys think will revive the chiptune scene like how it used to be back in 2012-2015? A new Chipzel album? Danimal Cannon? Because as far as i know, those two were the biggest names in chiptune at the time as well as Anamanaguchi and Chiptunes = Win! (i think. idk really) I know it's really popular still in Japan but over here in the US and Europe, I'm not to sure. I think Slime Girls might be making some new chiptune stuff but do you think it will be enough to inspire new people to get out there and start making new music? Or do you think it will just stay how it is now until eventually there is so little people making chiptune that no one knows about the genre anymore? Also, do you think it's possible to have that "big break" like Chipzel did with her first album or Anamanaguchi did with Endless Fantasy?
I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to think about this. smile


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what do you mean

This thread was built for Saskrotch big_smile

On a more serious note though, I think chipmusic is waning in popularity, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Remember back when the 8 Bit Collective was running, had the charts feature, and it seemed like people were uploading crazy music every week, if not every day? Those days are gone.

But chipmusic isn't dead; it's just gone back underground--where it belongs. Where passion and creativity thrive.

We're not done yet.

Start new scenes, every day and every way.

Awe geeze have you been frozen in a time chamber?

It seems like times are just harder for most of us. hmm

While chipmusic releases and shows are waning out, I do hear it more frequently now in bigger productions; cartoon network comes to mind. I hear it in new video games too.

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Saskrotch wrote:

what do you mean

all the cool kids went and brought modular synths

It stopped being a niche and people use it in all kinds of music now... whether that was through the retro games revival or through the chiptune scene, either way it's good right?

Jellica wrote:

all the cool kids went and brought modular synths

Yep, it's the next step. Sounds like an old soundchip, just as hard to program but costs somewhere north of 60k dollars just to get it to sound better than a TI calculator.

This is a joke. But seriously holy shit this stuff is expensive.

Anyway, more to the topic: Eeeeeeh. I'm not sure what one expects to have happen. Chiptune will always be popular among some people and that's it. Occasionally we get the mainstream producer that rips off some old MOD or something or throws in a little arpeggio over Nicki Minaj's autotune but other than that. It's right where it belongs, as far as I'm concerned.

The sound of chiptune will definitely change, and has! many times. But I think the idea and concept behind it will survive almost anything, like cockroaches. But then I'm of the opinion that chiptune/music is a concept and not so much any one "genre".

I alone will remain as the sole bastion of chiptune.

I honestly have no idea. I've been doing the same shit since 1989 or so and intend to continue no matters what. Even since that time chippy influences appear and disappear in mainstream. Waves coming and going and coming again.

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The genre may die Chiptune artists have already spread their spores into other disciplines and that influence will remain long after the wake.

While most will be happy with software replicas and samples, there will be at least one, hopefully more, but at least one that will want the real thing.  As I drink my Old School Mountain Dew with real sugar in it!!!