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Hey everybody!

I just released my debut full-length (10 tracks, all LSDJ)

You can find it on my Bandcamp @ www.businesspastel.com

Hope you enjoy!!

Artwork by Sarlis (https://sarlisart.com/)
Mastering by Skybox (https://soundcloud.com/sky_box)

Skybox and I wrote a song together, and we made it as sentimental as we possibly could~

SoundCloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/businesspastel/b … l-thinking

Bandcamp ~ https://businesspastel.com/

Skybox's Personal SC ~ https://soundcloud.com/sky_box

Artwork by Deltacapsule ~ https://deltacapsule.carbonmade.com/

Hope you like it!! heart


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Bug Spray (Never Give Up) by Space Boyfriend (NKA Clover & Sealife) is one of my personal favorites.

https://spaceboyfriend.bandcamp.com/alb … er-give-up

Howdy y'all.

Recently I've been working with 2xLSDJ after making 1xLSDJ stuff for years.

I uploaded a demo with some dream-pop sensibilities, and I was wondering if I could get constructive criticism on the sound-design and overall mix.

http://chipmusic.org/business+pastel/mu … xlsdj-demo

But I'm also open to any constructive criticism! If you have qualms about the composition, I'd appreciate you letting me know! heart


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This is a really solid debut. Cheers!