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I have a thing when it comes to discovering and finding music.

I tend to look for the oldest and most relevant release I can find, cherry picking when possible. I'm not the kind of person who just searches aimlessly, I try looking for top material, if not to push that feeling of being disappointed as far back as possible...That said, it's been hard for me to find old chiptune albums and releases, unless it's on 8bp, stuff that I know must be as important as the material being pumped out today. And indeed not every release is given the attention it deserves. I also get the feeling that this isn't a scene that prizes itself on historical benevolence, a lot of focus is on the here and now.

So my question is to all of you; what are some releases (albums, EPs, etc) that everyone should listen to? Doesn't have to be the greatest of their kind, (or recent, for that matter) but I want to know; where can we spark a discussion where we can list and discuss a lot of really great music, a place for veterans to indulge and newbies to discover some great things? Can it be here?

Melbourne, Australia

inb4 shameless self promotion

Melbourne, Australia

I can honestly say anything released on Pause ( is amazing. I am yet to be disappointed in that label.

New Jersey

Pamplemousse. I seriously listened to that album like 200 times since I got it.

NSW, Australia

Artist: Bit Shifter           Song: Reformat the planet           Album: Information Chase           Label: 8bitpeoples

Seattle, WA
I Need A Medic wrote:

Pamplemousse. I seriously listened to that album like 200 times since I got it.

beat me to it

Ontario, Canada

Before you get Pamplemousse (thanks pals), you (and everyone else) really have to get peeR's Dances, it's really nothing short of a masterpiece, by far my favourite chipmusic release.

Seattle, WA

i dont know about you guys but i really enjoyed smiletrons new ep

Tokyo, Japan
J. Arthur Keenes wrote:

Before you get Pamplemousse (thanks pals), you (and everyone else) really have to get peeR's Dances, it's really nothing short of a masterpiece, by far my favourite chipmusic release.

Central-ish VA

Old release, but Blip Fest just reassured my love of I, Cactus.

Also, "Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken" by Little-Scale is awesome - have a copy of it in my car.

Planet Zaxxon

RAC - Nintendo VS Sega EP

so funky and radical.... Zelda theme, mario theme, and 2 sonic tracks represented in the best fashion possible !!!

̛̛̩̥̩̥̩̥̅ ̥⎬̛̛̛̛̛̥̥̩̥̩̩

Stu's 30 minute mixes off of his website
The ones under old chiptune mixes & vgm mixed with 2 ataris

New York, New York

AdamGetsAwesome - aga
Anamanaguchi - Power Supply
Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis
Battle of the Bits Winter Chip I
Bit Shifter - Life's a Bit Shifter
Bit Shifter - Information Chase
Blip Festival 2008 32 Live Recordings
Bodenstandig 2000 - Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3
Bodenstandig 2000 - Uber Album
Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - The Final Computer
Bud Melvin - Popular Music
chromix - rolltrick
chromix - chromix 101
Cow'p vs Kema Keur split 12"
Cow'p - Bass Experience
Crunchy Records Compilation 2008
DaPantz - It's Dangerous To Go Alone
Dispyz - Raverblood
Eat Rabbit - Manimal Cannibal
Eat Rabbit - Kiss the Dolphin
environmental sound collapse - necromancy
environmental sound collapse - last chance for redemption
facundo - Future Anthems From the Past
Fade To Fall
glomag - DaMaGe
Graffiti Monsters - The Gate/Letter B
gwEm / Kingkas split 7"
IAYD - Dirty Electricity
J. Arthur Keenes - Pamplemousse
James Kochalka Superstar - Digital Elf
lissajou - blibdoolpoolp
lissajou - tsy misy
minusbaby - Monkey Patch
minusbaby - Saudade for Beginners
Nanoloop 1.0
Natty - Some Days I Expect the Worst
Nonfinite - Southbridge
Nullsleep - Unconditional Accelleration
Nullsleep - Electric Heart Strike
OxygenStar - Thy Name Is Adventure
quarta330 - dot-bubbles
RainbowDragonEyes - Super Eurobit and the Seventh Enochian Key
Receptors / Mommy Was an Asteroid - Controller Array EP
Saskrotch - For Matching Service EP
Saskrotch - Happy Ending / Surprisey Tin Boxes Remixes
Seed A.I. - Lullabies of the Lost
SCSNIPPETS - ringu video/8 qbit bqube
Stagediver 7"
Starscream - Ghost//Stars
Tone Wars Vol. 1 VL-Tone
Unicorn Dream Attack - Love Bits
USK - Music Is My Girlfriend
VultureMoose / facundo split 7"

*If I listed anything ultra-rare... *shrugs* I tried to think of releases that may prove simpler to track down.

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Brisbane, Australia, Earth

Crunchy Records 2008
Anything by Fighter X (Newer albums more so)
Nothing has been left unspoken and Error Repeat by little-scale
Power Supply and Dawn Metropolis by Anamanaguchi
Icarus by Trash80
Information Chase by Bit Shifter
Coloris, Days, Chiptek and Orion by She (She is a fucking god!)
Perfect Distant Dream by FTFX and Ikari
Dot.AY's self titled album
Rainbow Parade by cerror
Thirteen by Xylo
Hyperelectrics by Boywonder
Disco Kitty Micro Mix 1 by an-cat-max
Lo-Gear and Vegavox II by Alex Mauer

or just the entire 8bp catalogue

Liverpool, UK

One each from a new netlabels, that I would class as 'essential'...

little-scale - Error Repeat
Norrin Radd - Melodia Di Infinita (probably my favourite chip release)
Bit Shifter - Information Chase
Steve - Adventures In Sound

San Luis Obispo, CA

Disasterpeace - Level. It's definitely worth the ten dollars you would spend on it.