Athens, Greece

Silreq - Murderous Moppet and the lost tape
Justintimberlake - Amiga noise rave
Davros and unibomber - The final amiga 500 battle
Little scale - Dynasty

Bath, SW

Still loving cTrix's 14 minute Chip-Trance opus. Was no.1 on 8bc a few weeks ago. Check it out if you haven't already! … meboy+DMG/

while searching for the link, I have seen that he is no.1 again! Going to check this out...


I'll name some more once I'm at home (if I remember...)

Norrin Radd - Melodia Di Infinitia
Disasterpeace - Neutralite
Alex Mauer - System of a Master
Vim - Extended Loo Break
Stu - GreateST Hits
little-scale - You Can't Save the World

Like I said, I'll try to name some more once I'm home. I'll browse through my library.

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If you haven't heard Saitone's Overlapping Spiral album, you haven't lived. Fact.


First things first, if your internet connection can handle it, go download all releases from Ubiktune. Pause is a cool place to start too (Linde, C-jeff and Joshua Morse's albums stand out in particular).

Since you said you were look for some slightly older releases, these are some of my favourites (musicdisks though):

Rebels - Chipmusicdisk 1 [Windows, 2001] - this is the best, ever.
Fairlight - Twisted Chipster [Windows, 2002]
Tequila - pr0n [Windows, 1999]

I apologise if that was not what you were looking for, but I hope you enjoy some of it! smile

Bath, SW

Just checked out Saitone. Very nice indeed. Cheers.

Another one that everyone must hear. Huoratron $$ Troopers  ABSOLUTELY EVIL! Just the way I like it smile

London, UK

Bit Shifter's Information Chase and USK's PicoPicoDisco set the standard for gameboy music imo

the latter is my favorite record of all time, across all genres. It's a masterpiece and makes me unfathomably happy anytime I hear it.

Trash 80's Icarus
Covox's Delete The Elite
Random's Bad Joke EP
David Sugar's Fresh Off The Chip
Acrnym's Hello Alphabet
xik's nestek
She's Chiptek

are all also records I couldn't live without.

Looking at that I wouldn't know what i'd do without 8bitpeoples wink

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I'm glad ant1 points out some musicdisks. The large amount of EPs released in chipmusic is a quite new phenomenon. Just 10 years ago or so, I think there were more chipdisks released than EPs.

Some of my personal favourite chipdisks include:
Beepdealers - Chipdisk #1 (Windows, 2002)
Razor 1911 - Chipdisk 4, The Essentials (Windows, 2004)
Backtrack - ihyper (Windows, 2004)
IRIS & Up Rough - Planet Hively (Multi-platform, 2008)
Rebels - Chipmusicdisk #1 (Windows, 2002)
Warryorz (Atari ST, 2003)
Tequila - ouch (Windows, 2000)

Can't be bothered to mention EPs and albums for now, sorry smile

New York City

Thanks Safari for killing m window when I was half way done hmm

I think there is a big NEED for people to check out stuff made 10/15 years ago or more, when it wasn't released as "albums". It's mostly unnoticed and this is a big mistake, but right now I am at work and can't compile a list of tunes that is not mostly SID music (stupid Mac doesn't play any exotic formats hmm).

Here's the releases I can think of at the moment:

AY Riders - ZX Spectrum Is Alive [8bitpeoples]
Bodenstandig 2000 - Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3 [Rephlex]
Cow'p - Bass Experience [Independent]
Dorothy's Magic Bag - Viva La Revolution! [8bitpeoples]
Eat Rabbit - Kiss The Dolphin [Da! Heard It]
EvilWezil - Chronophobe [Pause]
Goto80 - Contech [8bitpeoples]
Goto80 - Made On Internet [Pingipung]
Goto80 - Papaya [Bleep Street]
Lo-Bat - Game Boy [retinascan/8bitpeoples]
Mini Roc - Miniland [Da! Heard It]
Mr. Blowfins - RMX [mp3death]
Mr. Spastic - Uber l33t n00b br34k5 [8bitpeoples]
Mr. Spastic - Claps and Leads [8bitpeoples]
Overthruster - The Greatest [mp3death]
Role Model - A New Fragrance [Retinascan/8bitpeoples]
Stu - Atari Solo [Retinascan]
Stu - Elements [Ubiktune]
The Hardliner - Russian Current [mp3death]
Tom Woxom - Kickstart [Da! Heard It]
USK - Dot Matrix Melodiator [Kill Club]
Various Artists - 8BP050 [8bitpeoples]
Various Artists - C6/4.20[09] [hexawe]
Various Artists - Dissed By The QFS [NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE]
Various Artists - Popstars [YM Rockerz]
Videovalvontaa - The End Is HNGH [Calmdownkidder]
x|k - Nestek [8bitpeoples]

Want some random goodness?
Go to this brilliant site,, and open Tools -> Random Chip... It will download to your hard drive a ZIP containing randomly selected tunes in many formats smile

Download the HVSC, Download the ASMA Collection, download Keygen Music... hear your roots, see where it came from, and stop pretending this started in 2006.

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Tokyo, Japan

I hope this isnt stuff which has been mentioned elsewhere but!

Burnkit 2600 - This is the sound
Various artists - Sqaurwave surfers (for the hally and chibitech  tunes alone)
6955 - Fez EP
Stu - Atari Solo (shame on you if you dont have it)
Jellica - With love from grandma (my release of 2009 probably)
Eat rabbit - kiss the dolphin
8gb - Pravda and red october
Fatal Snipe - Fellowship
Forest world - fvtvre (LOVELY NL2.3 ep)
goto80 - updown and zyndabox
Variouos - Casio crack (AWEOSME hexawe comp)
logicbomb - house of zombie ninja
Lutin - Lutin (this guy isnt more famous because of why?)
neurobit - sonic romanticide
postal m@rket - punk attitude (what happened ot this guy?)
rabato - gamboy tunes
rico zerone - elusion
sabrepulse - verao/turbo city
virt - kwakfest

Also make a new folder called "Albino Ghost Monkey - Fucking awesome" then google "dise-a.g.m" download all the tunes you find, but them in your new folder and pretend its an album. Trust me, you will like it.

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2 musicdisks for C64;

HVSC 10 Years [HVSC]
Album Of The Year [Onslaught]

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Tokyo, Japan
akira^8GB wrote:

Mr. Blowfins - RMX [mp3death]
The Hardliner - Russian Current [mp3death]
Various Artists - Dissed By The WFS [NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE]

Not heard of any of these, im on it!

New York City
Lazerbeat wrote:
akira^8GB wrote:

Mr. Blowfins - RMX [mp3death]
The Hardliner - Russian Current [mp3death]
Various Artists - Dissed By The WFS [NORTHAMERICANHARDCORE]

Not heard of any of these, im on it!

I made a typo there, it's Dissed By The QFS.

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I always wondered... is The Hardliner of mp3death the same as The Hardliner who wrote Zoloft Blues?

The styles are so different... after hearing Zoloft I looked all over for more of his stuff in a similar vein and came up empty handed.

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Edmonton, Canada

Thanks guys. This is great :]
I'm definitely going to enjoy getting and listening to this many releases. I know all the lurkers reading this will too (;) )

Is there a chance someone can sticky this topic?

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x|k - Baud of Passion
USK - Picopicodisco
Lo-bat - Gameboy
Rushjet1 - Out There
Rico Zerone - E-Lusion
Rico Zerone - Quickfreeze
Virt - FX1, FX2, and FX3
Phlogiston - Croquel
Phlogiston - Croquel Adventure
PeeR - Dances
All of Neil Baldwin's game soundtracks off of
Cheap Dinosaurs - Cheap Dinosaurs (whenever he actually releases it on the web...)

Sorry if I've restated anything other people have said, I just went down my iTunes library and picked the absolute favorites. This doesn't include my extensive OST collection I have going ;D