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pixls wrote:

look, mr. kid, i'm willing to believe that you're not a troll and you're not phib3r optik, but seriously, when you post like three or four times in a row, when you could've just added it into one comment by editing, which you clearly know how to do, it makes it just a little bit hard to take you seriously.

Well thanks for at least willing to believe me, but I will say, that was my fault, and that was kinda stupid of me to post 3. I just don't understand why when I first come in to your " community"  I'm the one that get trolled when people think I'm the troll? I just made a thread and it all turned into this. :S

[edit] I seriously think I have a problem with not posting it all in one sentence, I do it all the time in IM, etc. lol


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Thanks -.-


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lololololol. whats so funny? Leave if you have nothing better to say?


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Reteris wrote:

Quit posting

Im trying to be nice here? And not start any flame?


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10k wrote:

I was told by a prophet that there were plans for me. Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families was all I was allowed to be called.

Fo real? big_smile


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And lol, any help on a name? Kinda stuck atm..


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Are you like profiling me? Lawl, and Sadly atm I don't have any music up on the net atm, I will put some up sometime soon.

[edit] Cause if you keep on questioning me im gonna be creeped and think you don't believe me lol

[edit][edit] And lets not make this thread just a flame or conversion thread, take it to PM..


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Theta_Frost wrote:

[edit] 1 more thing, can people stop calling me that phib3r_Optik kid?!!? -.-

phib3r_Optik wrote:



-.-  vs. -_-    THE SAME HERE

What the heck does that have to do anything? Millions of people use -.- just because 1 person used " -.- " does that mean I'm him? NO, so just stop trying to prove that im " phib3r_Optik " Because I'm NOT.

This is nice! And I love ANSI! And it also kinda looks like the GlitchNES layout.


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Edward Shallow wrote:

my gripe may be unfounded, but your overzealous posting, unoriginal name and post content are something that i'm sure set off alarm bells in more than one person on here's mind.

i'm not 'laying in', i'm merely proposing you have a bit more patience in responses from a community that doesn't know you as an artist or a person in the slightest.

having a better foot on the ladder of the community, or having previous knowledge of being part of compilation releases, may look much better for you. seemingly barging in saying "send me your music and make me an album cover for this idea i have for a 15 minute compilation!" doesn't feel right to me. but that may just be me. personally, i think it pisses over the releases of breakcore artists to throw something together so 'slap dash'.

Thank you for not going off and me and actually writing something up that at least is understandable. I understand that my name is a little bad at the moment, I just used that as a screen name atm, I'm still picking a name, and the reason I decided to do this is maybe to get to know me better, but maybe I should have done something else rather than this perhaps? I have knowledge of music and compilations, well as what I think. And I have been on other forums, just not this one, I think if you guys would give me a chance, I could make a better impression, by changing my name, and doing some other stuff. So I hope you understand, and sorry guys about the "bump". On other fourms people don't take it to serious, I will not bump unless its deep into the threads.

[edit] 1 more thing, can people stop calling me that phib3r_Optik kid?!!? -.-


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So please lay off me if you have nothing good to say?

[edit] Dont mean to be harsh


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Why are you guys accusing me for no reason?  Im not trying to be mean and he did actually steal a song, I was friends with that punk, and he stole a song and put it on onther "Album" of his.


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I just freaking found out about this forum not too long ago?

[edit] Dont mean to be harsh


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I want it if it was not so pricey hmm im cutting back atm lol


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I did! wink


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? I bumped it because it was at the very bottom.. Sorry if that's a problem?