Go to Config and drop the buffer length as low as you can set it without the sound stuttering. You'll need to click Apply to test this.


[well, I'll be floored if it's taken]


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Renoise is worth it if you intend to make something other than chip with it as well.
It's extremely powerful, very similar to MilkyTracker [both take their UI-design from FastTracker II, so there shouldn't be too many problems], and works rather well, even on crap machines.
I had Renoise 1.9 on a 500MHz iBook, 192MB of RAM. I made a fairly complicated track, and used only about 30% CPU [uses ~3% CPU on my current 2.1GHz PC].

Also, the sampler in Renoise. Maaaan, the sampler. BEST. THING. EVER. Applying DSPs straight to samples, precise loop editor, and being generally easy to use... great stuff.