A higher energy chiptune I made within LSDJ.
This is actually my second chiptune I've ever released believe it or not, my first one was back in like 2018 or 2019. It really shows how much better I've gotten in my years with the program. Happy to finally finish another one! I mainly make rave-y EDM but I have a solid love for the Gameboy smile

https://soundcloud.com/kalikoz/dissent- … e-download

The downloads for the MP3, project file and custom kit I made are on the soundcloud.

Let me know how you guys like it, and criticism is fine too! I feel like I'm still learning with LSDJ believe it or not. Like I said, second track I've actually put out haha, although I've been doodling around with LSDJ for a while now.

Still here, though I've always been a lurker smile

UPDATE: I have fixed the issue!

Simply enough, all it took was me uploading an older sav file.

I wonder why the sav file was messing up the ROM check??

Now THAT is a weird issue.

Anyone with the same issue I've had - clear or revert the sav to an older version.

Sadly, I lost a couple weeks of progress, but it's something I can get back to with some time. I should start backing up more than once a month..

Alright, update:

Dumped the ROM, files were EXACTLY identical.

Dude, what the heck?? It should work since there's no problem with the ROM -- So why isn't it?

Anyone have a clue, I dont want to give this up o.o

Anyone I could contact who might better be able to diagnose the issue?

catskull wrote:

The rom check is something LSDJ does the first time the cart boots. My guess is that some issue only affecting higher sectors (like a bad sector, or possibly pins becoming desoldered or something). LSDJ is one of only a few roms that use 1mb flash storage, and the only one I know of that actually attempts to verify the rom image.

Was the rom you flashed the one from here? https://catskull.net/erase-an-ems-64-us … -cart.html

You could try flashing that rom, then dumping it again and comparing the roms in a hex editor to make sure it's all 1's and no 0's. You could also do the same thing but change the rom to write all 0's and do the same thing. My guess is somewhere near the end of the dumped rom, you'll see bad data.

Thank you all for your replies! I reflashed the blank ROM before, but I did not think to compare it in a hex editor. Thank you for the idea, I'll be sure to check and report back here.

I also had another idea, of putting lsdj on the second bank to see if that would help solve the issue. As I stated before, it is a very weird issue and I don't think anyone else has had the same problem from what I can find. I've been using LSDJ on these carts for 6 years now, no problem. I have another cart somewhere so all is well anyway, but I prefer having two cartridges because some of my projects use 2 gameboys(or I'll have a game on one and LSDJ on the other, makes it easier)

Hm, nobody has an idea of the problem?

Hey all, I have an EMS 64M flash cart that I've had for about five years now, and recently this weird problem arose after not using my Gameboy for about a month. When I boot up LSDJ on it, it fails at the ROM check. RAM check is fine. So, I extracted my save and reflashed the ROM with a fresh LSDJ copy - same error. Just to check to make sure the ROM chip didn't fail, I flashed another game on it and it worked fine, no problems saving and all. At some point I reflashed the cartridge with a completely blank ROM that overwrote the entire bank, then flashed LSDJ aaand still nope. Can't seem to find any information about this, anyone know if the cart is a goner for LSDJ? It's just a weird issue considering LSDJ is the only thing that has problems with it.

Oh, and before it's asked, I also cleaned the pins very thoroughly


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bitjacker wrote:

You need a working MINI sd card Those adapters for mini to micro dont work. this same thing happened to me when i got an ez flash 4. my problems ended when i got a mini sd card. Make sure to get an adapter for usb to mini. Throw the existing adapter thats in the cart in the trash.

Awesome, thanks for the info! Will have to get a mini SD card instead of the dumb micro + adapter it comes with.

shitbird wrote:

I figured it out!  If you want Furious Advance Tracker to save with the micro sd ( i might be doing an extra step), First upload the gba rom this way-->open up the software used for patching the gba games. http://www.minihere.com/supercard-mini- … nload.html        Turn off all enabling in the options= auto save, quick reset etc etc. Then "add" the fat tracker gba file, and press "out" as usual.

Go to your sd card and erase the fat tracker  .sci and the .gba file leaving only the .sav file.Now drag and drop the original (not patched) fat tracker .gba file onto the mini sd card like you would a regular gb,gbc,or nes file...To save you'll do a regular save in fat trackers menu= name your track "something kewl". After that works reset your gba by turning it off and on.........;), and then go to "saver" on the carts main menu and find fat tracker. It will ask "Do you save to SD?" hit  A button for yes, and fat tracker is now saved. You will have to reset your gba and save on the main menu everytime, but it works.

lsdj= You have to use the goomba version. The highest is version 3 ( i think)  It was in the giant list of all the lsdj versions you can download for 5 bucks. It auto saves, and to have multiples saves you'll copy paste and rename multiple roms

Woah, awesome. Thanks for the info! On the FAT tracker site it tells you vaguely how to save with the cart, but your instructions are much more clear and would help people out. Appreciate it!

And, I can deal with version 3 as long as it works, but thanks for the heads up. I know there's a limitation of 1 save, too, but that's pretty easy getting around with a flash cart(having different copies for different songs).


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bitjacker wrote:


Good to know, but I'm still pretty curious as to why. Does that mean SRAM is used for things other than saves?

Ohhh!! I live in the SF area so I'm for sure going to try to make it!!!


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Hey all, quick question. I got a Supercard SD Mini the other day, which is a really cheap GBA flash cartridge. I mainly got it for Furious Advanced Tracker(a GBA tracker), but it also has a built-in Gameboy emulator which I would like to run LSDJ on. The problem is, because of the wonky hardware system they set up in the card, it doesn't pass the SRAM test. Is there anyway to bypass this? I assume the SRAM is just for saves, but I could be wrong. If it were, I would be able to patch it out if there hasn't already been a patch(I've looked and found nothing). I'm pretty sure the GBA flash cartridge has other means of saving, so I can keep my progress(not all game saves work properly with their wonky memory, including the GBA tracker, so it has other means for saving. I could be totally wrong, though)