I manage to get an audio interface last minute to be able to record my dear-old GBA.
My submission is finally sent!

Gear used:
GBA Classic (AGB-001)
keeping it real on my favourite flavour: 2.7.6

Track composed exclusively for this collaboration.
No EQ, no compression, no effects.
Track is sent unmastered so that you have more headroom to master it tightly and in harmony with the other tracks.

Best regards
Scanian Wolf


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This is great Oliver! Although I have two questions...

Does any of your recently posted hardware 'mods' still apply or are they redundant with this new anti-noise in 2.8 ?


I have a couple of songs made on 2.7.6 that completely change when updating to any superior version.. So I've actually downgraded back to 2.7.6 to keep my songs in harmony. If I update to 2.8 without updating the waveforms, will my songs sound the same as on 2.7.6 but profit from the denoise ?


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I just submitted a rather sad track here on the site and then I just happened to see this thread.. I hope GBA chiptunes works for you...
https://chipmusic.org/ScanianWolf/music … up-with-me

or if you prefer it on SoundCloud