.exe wrote:

Covering up excessive clicking can be tough.

The basic strategy is to try to reduce the usage and/or frequency of any commands and tables, as these can increase ticking noises and instead rely on instrument settings as much as possible. This doesn't reduce the clicking at the beginning/end of notes unless if you're using commands at that time, but reducing clicking overall makes it less noticable.

Another thing you can do is to try to decrease the resolution of waveforms, because even with silky wave you still get a little bit of clicking when the waveform changes. Again, this won't reduce clicking at the beginning/end of a sound but it helps overall.

Another thing is, as said above, when a whole track is playing it blends in, so if you try to make your track a little more layered that can help. Every little bit helps.

I know those options are not great, but that is part of the challenge. Do not feel bad about removing noise in post production, and when you play live no one will notice. The dirty secret is that a lot of people do it. Recording in the BGB emulator can help because it separates channels, so you can remove noise in each channel appropriately.

There's one more strategy which I don't see people talk about, which is a little counter intuitive. If you use the noise channel a tiny bit in such a way that blends with the clicking and the sound itself, you can actually make it sound less noisy overall. This is what I did with the chord sound at the very beginning of ULTRAACID XX: https://soundcloud.com/dotexechiptune/ultraacid-xx - The chord notes make tons of clicking on their own since it's two pulse sounds with envelopes on top of a full resolution wave channel sound with nothing else playing. I added a small noise channel tone on top of each chord note that ends just after the chord notes, and just tweaked it until you could barely hear the noise tone in isolation but it dramatically decreased the percieved clicking. There is still some noise but the sound was incredibly bad before. There is no post-processing beyond amplification. I think you could even get it to sound better than this because there is some additional noise I didn't hear on my headphones when I first made the track and I didn't explore this strategy much. This strategy is situational and difficult but I hope it helps.

Thanks for your post, I'm gonna take a look at your suggestions!

Aren't EMS cartridges notorious for drawing a lot of juice from your game boys?
Not that it should make your GBA turn off like that.. Maybe something went wrong when replacing the battery on the cart?


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Dolby-Z wrote:

Soo i know about Cubase & I know there are a handful of trackers for the ST's built-in sound hardware, but is there any software out there that will let me sequence external gear and the ST's sound chip at the same time?

Gwem, the developer of MaxYmiser just released an update to it, I think it's able to achieve this.
I have no experience with Notator, but isn't that made for this purpose or only external instruments?

I'm rather ST-rookie myself so I'm curious whether someone knows the proper way of achieving this.


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Duck wrote:

ah, ok, that actually sounds easier than I thought! thank you!

it's an EMS usb cart, so I actually just need to alter the ROM and upload that over USB I guess?

do I lose all my saves at that point? (I can back them up anyway)

No you shouldn't lose any saves... But just backup your .sav file just in case..


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What's your flashcart? You need to alter the LSDJ rom and add your kit to it, then upload this new rom file to your flashcart.

There's a good editor written in java for this


But it's recommended that you limit the bandwidth of your samples and raise the levels before writing them to your custom rom file


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Oh YES! This song makes me wanna run out and party all night. Love this type of uplifting minimal for dancing!


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Tight! I really like how well you blend that drum machine with bleeps and synths! Love those tunes!

I find it OK, not particularly interesting and not enough work is put on the details.
I completely agree with those ridiculous brightness buttons.


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shitbird wrote:

warning, There's not much room for more components. I had to break the inside of the case to get the rcas to fit on top. Also had to shorten and bend the prongs a little.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks! I have some really slim 1/8" jacks laying around and I think they'll do fine in the tight space. No bulky RCAs for me. But I'm also gonna leave the original GBA shell untouched and buy an aftermarket one.. They're pretty cheap and then if I mess up it wouldn't be a big deal.

scannerboy wrote:

R30 and R31 are basically the same points but on the other side of the PCB. Its just a matter of convenience

That explains a lot! Thanks for clarifying that!


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scannerboy wrote:

Also I use a super easy version of the prosound. You just remove 2 components to disconnect the amp from the output jack, and then you solder 2 wires to connect the cpu pins to the output.

If you dont like the prosound you just have to remove the wires and bridge the 2 components that you have removed.


Those are some great protips! Thanks a lot!
I personally think I'm gonna go for a separate 1/8" output jack and drill a hole in the case because I'm gonna order parts (backlit screen, shell etc.) so that I can do it all at once.

I got this image from a friend that he dug up from some old facebook thread where Joe Bleeps shows his GBA prosound mod:
But I've heard conflicting information about those points, I've read somewhere here on the forums that points R30 and R31 are supposed to be pre-pot that one should solder to for a prosound mod..  Yours and Joes pictures seem more legit!

Edit: Gosh I'm blind, I just saw now that you highlighted the same points as Joe Bleeps.


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scannerboy wrote:

Regarding the noise. The best results I got were from soldering a 1000uf cap to both sides of C44 - - its beneath the big cap. I dont remeber the polarity tough

That capacitor in conjunction with a prosound mod I assume?

Would a 10Volts 1000uf capacitor do the trick or could I go even lower in voltage to avoid having a cap that's too big for the case ?


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The GBA RCA/Pro-Sound mod is something I've been telling myself to do for a goood while now. I'm mainly composing on Nanoloop 2.7 which doesn't have the noise modification that oliver added to the later 2.8 versions and I really don't feel like updating.

I also really need to order a replacment GBA SP screen on ebay or aliexpress do that AGB screen mod to get a backlight because otherwise it's just not possible to handle live.. I had to use my DS Lite in my last set just to be able to see.

Has anyone got any experience with these two mods together? Does the backlit screenmod interfere with the sound any?

I can only say... WOW! What an astonishing work!

Huge respect to pselodux for this great initiative and putting it all together!
I've already listened through it once and I can't wait to have some more time to get absorbed by these amazing tracks on some good speakers!
Christmas vacation is gonna be great for that!

Once again, thanks to everyone that participated to make this release and I'm proud to be a part of this compilation with all of you talented musicians!
Have a great Sunday!

/Scanian Wolf

pselodux wrote:

Yeah this is nearly 6 hours long, with a couple of submissions still to come. A few tracks don't really fit in with the rest of the compilation, but I'm tempted to keep them in anyway, just because the grand scale of it is impressive.

I definitely see why a seamless compilation is desirable in the long-form 'genre'. Although I personally often like some 'out of the blue' -tracks on compilation albums which kind of makes you listen more attentively to everything.. Well I know 6h is a lot. But I'd say go with the misfits anyway. I'm curious to see how it all comes together. But of course, you know the tracks and the flow better than anyone else so you should definitely do exactly as you prefer. I admire you for taking the making of such a compilation upon yourself!