Lol I remember the Jose vs. everyone else bull-honkey.

After slavering over cTrix's vectrex videos to the point of obsession, I'd like to put some effort into actually learning how to make tunes on the AY, even if it's only emulated. In fact, I'd prefer to mess about with it in emulation before buying anything. Can anybody suggest decent software to get started with? Linux compatibility is a big plus for me, but not strictly necessary.


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Fancy pants. Listening to it now, and trying to explain to my (incredulous) wife that "I hung out with this guy that one time, and he just ate a ton of lettuce, like, straight from the bag and then we watched The Warriors."


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marcb0t wrote:
arfink wrote:

So it feels like it's been 10,000 years since I last did or said anything here. Well, ok, just over 1 year.

I have been doing crazy things since last I was here. I had a kid, changed jobs, have begun to learn PHP, and did a bunch of other crap. How bout you guys?

Oh, congratulations on the kid and the job! Yay!  \^,^/

And yeah, life is much more than chiptunes of course. But it's nice to see you... actually, I've never even met you and have been on this site for less than one year. But... yeah... smile


I used to be around a lot more, doing modding mostly. I've taken several long hiatuses, for various reasons. Old-timers probably remember some of my old projects, some cool, some ending in disastrous failures. I still remember the Jose drama from the founding days, watching Kitsch get started, going to shows with Low-Gain and co, and of course my epic stupidity on the Munchhausen project. I'm looking forward to hanging out, but I doubt I'll ever try to sell anything again.


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catskull wrote:

Started selling arduinoboys on my website. Got a handful of other products in the works. Still haven't completed a song. Also had a kid. Also changed jobs. Not interested in php but web development is my day job. Most of the time I feel like an idiot and want to quit.

So, what do you use for dev? Just curious. I'm learning PHP, but also simultaneously learning how to use the Laravel framework because I have an offer with a company if I can learn it. tongue So yeah, I feel ya on the stupid-code-monkey front. But I've also found in life that jumping in at the deep end, while somewhat frustrating, does usually reap many benefits in the end.


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So it feels like it's been 10,000 years since I last did or said anything here. Well, ok, just over 1 year.

I have been doing crazy things since last I was here. I had a kid, changed jobs, have begun to learn PHP, and did a bunch of other crap. How bout you guys?

Apeshit wrote:

in the midst of my anal retentiveness, i discovered in this bumped thread that it was actually our beloved arfink that came up with the LOCA idea for frontlights. so please disregard my previous props for your discovery. dank name though, keep up the good work. … 3/?login=1

I'm beloved now? Even though all I do is lurk?



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Having sold gameboys of various artistical quality, I can tell you that if you just want the money, there are way easier ways to go about doing that in a short time frame. Like a summer job doing retail or fast food. Honestly, that kind of gig would pay more, in a shorter amount of time. And if you haven't worked that kind of job yet, give it a shot. It does suck sometimes, but there are enjoyable parts and everyone should try it at least once. smile

I would say, get into painting on gameboys for fun and passion first, and maybe money second.

Those paints can be hard to find in big-box craft shops like Michaels or Jo-Anne's. Usually you'd want to look for them at smaller craft shops. You'll have to call around, or if you specifically want Montana, use this:


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Kitsch really ought to make a kit...


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They are pretty darn rare, and people who own them usually don't sell them used unless something on them breaks.

BTW, since my pictures stink, here is a diagram of how the Pocket joystick works:

Well, I have shots of the inside of my NGPC joystick, and have seen the insides of the CD system pad.

That's the inside of the joystick. The stick itself is a simple square post with a ball-shaped bottom, which rests in that plastic housing. Around it are 4 microswtiches, the kind that they use for computer mice. There is also a spring standing around the shaft which re-centers it. It's very simple. If you had a 3D printer you could probably make something like this without too much difficulty.

For reference, here is the CD system pad:

They tend to fail because they have a set of 4 sliding spring loaded "pushers" which are made of a very soft plastic. They tend to get worn down over time, breaking down into a crumbly white dust that clogs the cheap and unshielded tactile switches which surround the center post. The NGPC stick is far more robust and feels much better than this sliding NGCD one.

FYI, if you want to find a master of dremel, find one of the seasoned modding pros over at

And yes, it feels real nice with Last Blade 2. Although, for most Neo Geo games I have this, plus a consolized Neo. The Gravis is Bluetooth modded for use with PC.

Can't do at the moment bro. So sorry, I just moved to Idaho and I don't have my workshop set back up yet. The main critical thing is that lasers make very dangerous fumes, and I don't have the ventilation I need here. So all lasering is on hold at the moment. I'd look for someone skilled with a dremel. I am not, which is why I got the laser. tongue

I dunno about re-creating it, but I had a project I really wanted an NGPC joystick inside of. So I got a beat up NGPC and stole the joystick from it.

I went from this:

to this:

Keep in mind that the outer plastic housing is also part of the joystick and will have to be carefully cut away in order to be used. I used my laser cutter to very precisely slice mine out, with a nice indentation around the center part so that it would fit perfectly into the Gravis gamepad.