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I've been interested in this as well, seems like a cool portable music device but would be nice to see some demos from real users.

Wow, this is a great extensive list.

Ecem wrote:

I am a postgraduate student in QMUL doing Media and Arts Technology and currently taking a module called Digital Arts Documentary. As a part of the module my team mates and I are going to make a documentary about Chiptune (8-bit) music. We are looking for 8-bit musicians in London who wants to participate to our project. Anyone interested in please contact me. Thank you.

If you want the London crew, gotta hit up shirobon, would have said sabrepulse but he moved.

Shirobon alone is well connected, nice guy, speak to him.

Saskrotch wrote:

anything from gescaep is always an instant buy for me!

Wow, nice to hear.

Blargh this whole post got modified after previewing and submitting.

Cheapbeats release 100, minimal electronica with remix by cheapshot.


All exported nanoloop files available on GitHub



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Hello everyone

I am working on a new Nanoloop mobile compilation for iOS and Android.

I am looking for additional artists who would like to release.

It seems like a good time as well for those who might have already jumped on the nanoloop android beta train, amazing stuff (thanks Oliver)

The goal is to release on bandcamp and digital distribution platforms with proceeds donating to a non-profit.

Please PM me your email and I will add you into the preexisting email with all the details.

Updates will be posted when available.


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All of these new features are phenomenal!

- waveform drawing
- seemingly endless patterns
- great looking UI
- automation similar to GB ( square in squares )

Only gripe...

Is there a reason why we can't drag and can only flick parameters/notes in the sequence?

This makes it very hard to do certain things like change notes ( more than a few semitones ). It made it stand out.

Maybe I just don't see how to change without flicking? Any help would be appreciated.