please try the new version:

thank you.


Thank you! I have given it a quick try - looks like a lot has changed with a lot of new things to get familiar with.

The backwards compatibility mode is greatly appreciated - please leave this in for as long as you can, because I have many half-baked projects in the old version that I would like to come back to.

Very exciting to see the added options - looking forward to playing more with it!

Joliette, QC, Canada

This is a great opportunity to install it on my new phone ! Thanks Oliver ! smile

São Paulo, Brazil

Installed it and I'm really enjoying scratching my dirty fingers in those dirty waveforms. People from LGPT and sample-based trackers will love the fact you can load your waveform samples and FM-ize them.

Still must have the time to dig through the manual. I'm glad you put step pause on the android version. Any chance of having NL2 random sequencing? That's what I miss most from the android and iOS versions (along with step pause that is present now).

Thank you for the great work as always, Oliver.



United States

All of these new features are phenomenal!

- waveform drawing
- seemingly endless patterns
- great looking UI
- automation similar to GB ( square in squares )

Only gripe...

Is there a reason why we can't drag and can only flick parameters/notes in the sequence?

This makes it very hard to do certain things like change notes ( more than a few semitones ). It made it stand out.

Maybe I just don't see how to change without flicking? Any help would be appreciated.

The Forest, WA

Would love to try this on IOS!



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How can I get back to the non beta-version?


There are plans to public the beta app again? at least as a new app