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Seconded smile

Thanks for the suggestions, guys!
I ended up going a different route to get us "seaworthy" in time for live performances.
I'm using FL's Patcher/Control Surface plugins in tandem with Sytrus to mimic NES pulse waves.
The patch uses one of the MIDI controller's beat pads to toggle between two of Sytrus' operators--one that has vibrato and one that doesn't.
When the vibrato voice is engaged, the mod wheel controls the vibrato strength.  The amount can be configured via an XY Controller that lets you set a min/max value for the vibrato strength.
It's not a rock-solid solution since toggling can cause an audible click during performance.
It does the job for now, but I'd like to improve it a lot more.

It sounds like your suggestions are way more in-line with what I'd like to do.  In particular:

if you're playing a composition from a DAW that doesn't have pitch parameters set already, there will be no interference from the slave controller

Thanks again for the suggestions, guys.  As I try to optimize the live loadout, I'll likely refer back to here.

P.S. Love your Christmas album, Doctor Octoroc smile

Oh man...  This would be amazing to have...
But no Windows support sad

Hey cm.o!

As the title implies, I'm looking to use mGB in tandem with a MIDI controller and am hoping to find a lightweight vibrato solution that I can kick on and off with something like the mod wheel on my keyboard.  Anyone have experience doing something like this?
Would greatly appreciate any insight and recommendations!

This seems like witchcraft...


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Those DPCM tom fills are awesome!  Very tight sounding drum kit all together.
Very cool groove you've crafted here.  Keep it up!


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Hey cm.o!
I covered "Iron Blue Intention" from Castlevania: Bloodlines and wanted to share:
https://technomage.bandcamp.com/track/i … -intention


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Im gonna save up my grandma's birthday money to get one

But that will take AGES wink


Let's say I'd be willing and in a position to put together a community-based (i.e., unofficial) "extended" document. What would you like to see?

ALL of these would be fantastic!  Personally, I'd be most interested in MIDI controller programming and DAW integration.
It would also be nice to learn more about what the wavetable (or "Wabetable" big_smile) is capable of and how to work with it.

If I can scrape together the cash to grab one of these myself, I'd be delighted to contribute however I can.

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Yes...that manual certainly is a text explosion...

It would be FANTASTIC to see a "detangled" version of the manual for those of us who are crushed under the immense weight of that wall of text!  That and the exclusion of any visual feedback creates a pretty big roadblock for folks who haven't used any devices like this (present company included)

Hey all,
Just curious to hear if anyone has plans to release anything around the North-American anniversary of the Game Boy smile


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Wow!  This is amazing news!
Thank you for all the hard work that undoubtedly went into making this a reality!

Bumping as I would really love to hear if there is a solution to this. About to start tinkering with Arduinoboy and am expecting to hit the same roadblock.

Curious to see if anyone has braved the gauntlet and tinkered with this thing yet.
Looks awesome and sounds even cooler in theory, but that manual is...  Daunting.



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Please help yourself!


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Hey everyone,

In case you hadn't already heard about it, I wanted to share this project with you:
Myself and a handful of other chip artists/VGM enthusiasts put together an album of Castlevania songs that depart from the familiar, sinister tone of the original tunes in favor of something decidedly more jovial.  It's called "Happyvania" and the whole album is available to stream for free on Bandcamp.