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Edit: This was fixed! I had the LR wires going to A+ and A- on the amp when I needed to sum them to one wire and connect A- to GND.

Hey there,

I have modded a handful of Gameboys but am a little rusty and am, by no means, an expert. I just finished recapping my son's DMG and tested out a few games. The audio seemed fine for the first couple games but when I tested Donkey Kong and Tetris, certain songs were consistently louder (by a very, very noticeable amount). For those affected songs, it sounds like only one of the pulse channels is louder as I can barely hear the other channels.

More accurately, if I put the volume at 100%, the unaffected music is comfortable for listening. When the affected music is playing, I have to dial the volume down to ~10-25% for listening to be comfortable.

Stuff I've done with it:
- Backlight + bivert chip
- PAM8302A amp + new speaker
- Power regulator replacement (R6 CleanJuice)
- New battery terminals
- New volume potentiometer
- New capacitors (except those under the LCD because they're a pain)

It's possible that I forgot to test these particular games after installing the amp but before the capacitors. Anyone know what could have happened?


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