The tracker by Ctrix isn't native i think... As in the tracker itself is not on a cart or as a ROM file. In a video showing off the tracker it seems like it's on pc tho'... But i really, really want that tracker! I've been using sness gss last couple of days but i'm not sure with the samples...i import wav samples but i know the snes uses brr. Now, does snes gss automatically do the brr part or should i make the wav into brr right away?


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neilbaldwin wrote:

The N64 was a little 'quirky'

Graphics and audio processing essentially all shared the same DSP and it was quite horrible. I think most of my stuff was only allowed 4 'voices' (as most of the DSP power was of course given over to graphics) and the sequencer timing was just awful (on the 'official' tool which was a fairly rudimentary tool, I believe made by Software Creations).

So do you still have those tools? Or is it the n64 official soudtools? Like the wave editor and Seq64? Cuz i have both of those, have to open them in virtual machine ofcourse being it are 16bit programs... But anyway i tried those and even tho the wave editor s pretty basic, its fine, but the seq64 program runs so slow + it doesn't do playback for me, i think how it was back then was make samplebanks in seq64, layout the notes and givven samples then save it as whatever file the n64 reads as audio in the rom. flash it to a cart, and see how it runs on n64? And repeat till it's good

Edit:the sequencer wasn't seq64, it was dream.exe


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I don't know if any of my e-mails got through, but i really hope you could help me out, waiting for the track so i can finish it up along with others for our upcoming album.