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There's something to discover out there in the farther reaches of space.
Enjoy the trippy ride!

https://aluxaminaldrayden.bandcamp.com/ … e-in-space


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Can you keep up with a hip ninja on a mission?

https://aluxaminaldrayden.bandcamp.com/ … inja-steps


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I've been told this tune reminds people of a Mega Man game.

What say you?



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newest space-age videogame track from Aluxaminadrayden

https://aluxaminaldrayden.bandcamp.com/ … avel-there


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New tune! Saying goodbye to summer with a tropical vacation song in a video game style. Hope this makes you nostalgic for the past couple of months and those times with a controller in your hands.

https://aluxaminaldrayden.bandcamp.com/ … ropic-wish


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This will put you in the mood to play an RPG or a side-scrolling action adventure game!



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A summer-themed video game soundtrack. Inspired by all those RPG's I've played and will continue to play. Visit this tropical island with its beachside towns, secret bird's eye views, deep and mysterious jungles, and epic encounters with the spirits that dwell there!
I hope this will make you feel nostalgic for the 8bit and 16bit games with sprawling worlds and dire situations, unforgettable characters, and wonderful stories.
What will you write in your journals once this quest is over?

https://aluxaminaldrayden.bandcamp.com/ … -continent


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Newest upload to my track list, even though it's an older song of mine. Definitely a funky little electronic tune that'll give you the arcade vibes.

https://aluxaminaldrayden.bandcamp.com/ … ic-outcome


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I'm two songs away from finishing a four song album. Haven't come up with a name yet, but the theme is summer time video game rpg.
From running along a boardwalk and then at the water's edge, to a trip in the clouds, only to fall among the sealife while waving at a pirate ship as it sails by. And finally, a groovy battle theme!

If you want to hear a snippet of one of the songs, here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/10834742436199 … 318002671/


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A fast ride through a neon metropolis at night!

"Night Ride"



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Don't those bonus levels always feel weird? This is a track I'm working on that has that "off" vibe.

It's one of the four songs that will be a themed album I'm putting together.

https://www.facebook.com/10834742436199 … 446928825/


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Newest electronic track uploaded on bandcamp!

8bit or 16bit feel of an RPG underground level, finding espers or magical gems, gearing up to save the world!

Free to listen, but there's an option to support.

https://aluxaminaldrayden.bandcamp.com/ … g-diamonds


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Thanks! Hope you check out some of the other songs on my YouTube channel.


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Giving it a listen on Spotify, yo


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Chiptune featuring an awakened A.I. with 8bit animation.



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Funky cyberpunk chiptune with a froggy feel. Eheh.