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CLBNA wrote:

Hi all,

If you like Sega sounds :check out this 9 original trax.


Great work. Keep it up ^_^

Theta_Frost wrote:

Check this track out.

This is exactly what i've been looking for. Is it Famitracker with some samples if I listened well?

I think it's an interesting topic. Is there any way to simulate japanese main instruments sound or vibes with old consoles/hardware? Did you try?

egr wrote:

That's a wav kick for sure. You could find plenty of tutorials but make sure they're applicable to the lsdj version you're using.

Thank you very much smile I experimented with the channel following the tuts and I got a similar result.

I have listened to this song many times and each time that instrument intrigues me. At 0:14 of the song there is a new instrument, I think it's the snare. It's so heavy and powerful. How I make it in LSDj? I tried with the pulse 1 but maybe this is created in the wave channel. Maybe it's a compression result. I don't know. I hope for an exhaustive answer. Thank you very much!


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My first EP is available on Bandcamp. I hope it may be enjoyable for you!
Tell me what you think about it wink

I have a question related to this discussion: what's fakebit? Is it also tracker music?
And can 'Feel so real' by Unicorn Kid be considered fakebit?


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My first LSDJ song made with BGB Emulator. Hope you enjoy it and criticize it smile
https://soundcloud.com/doragonjoke/goto … e-carnival

Thank you for the advices, I'll try to do it Gala. Now I'm also practising in LSDJ. I want to do some good stuff with it.
Thank you too Jellica, for the next songs I'll make good drums and bass (with more effects) smile

My first tune made with 0cc-Famitracker.
Here there's soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/doragonjoke/fox-hemisphere
Let me know what you think of it, thank you ^_^


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Gala wrote:

There is a welcome thread here if you want to introduce you and your music : https://chipmusic.org/forums/post/262129
And you can post your music here if you want some feedback and criticism!

Welcome here!

Thank you ^_^


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Hi, my nickname is Doragonjoke and I'm from Italy.
I logged in this forum because I have some questions and I need critics about my songs (that I haven't finished yet) created with Famitracker. Some patience to you, some no-procrastination to me. I admit it, I'm so lazy.

Have a good day!