Dear Friends...

I am looking for record labels that release chiptune music but so far googling about it almost nothing that I have achieved any info about it.

Could you recommend me any record labels that release chiptune music around the globe? ( Japanese ones are much more appreciated...)

Thank you upfront..



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Dear Forum People,

I would like to purchase a Game Boy Zero to play games but I couldn't find any website that tells me what kind of games I could play with.

For example could I play MAME Games on Game Boy Zero? If not, Which platform' games could I play with a Gameboy Zero?



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Dear Competents,

The picture below is two Gameboys which have two input jacks underneath the machines. One is small the other one is big input jacks.

Does anybody know the names of those input jacks?

Best Wishes




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Dear Everyone,

I am stuck at deciding which one to purchase for Gameboy running LSDJ. Money is not problem.

(1) … rive-gb-x7

(2) … io1hq0u010

Really money is not an issue. All I want is to be able to save my songs into the cartridge and feeling safe with them whenever I save a song.

Which one do you recommend me?


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jefftheworld wrote:
mesaphlin wrote:

… the first one is - … t-card-64m

Holy smokes that's expensive for a GB USB 64M. The prices seem to have gone up on these everywhere, eh? Is that just since they've been discontinued or has this been a gradual thing?

   Also, there is this one from the same webstore but thing is also the optional comes with 16gb microSD card.

What I doın't understand is that microSD card comes inside the cartridge or an outside thing? You have any idea my friend?


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Duck wrote:

hey - pretty sure they no longer produce official LSDJ carts as carts. What you would need to do is buy a ROM cart of one sort or another

eg: … &_ss=r … t-card-64m

and buy an LSDJ licence her ($5):

and upload an LSDJ ROM to the ROM cart..

having said that, there are these: … -cartridge

BUT - you can't get saves off them easily, or it seems to suggest save more than one song? So not sure how good a solution they are.

p.s. - If you get the GB USB Smart Card 64M  and have an android phone this is a super useful app … ;hl=en_GB)
otherwise it's a bit of a pain and Everdrive/Drag and Derp are probably a better solution.

     - is out of stock.

There are only two options for me which the first one is - … t-card-64m

And the second one is - … &_ss=r

       Which one is do you recommend my dear friend?


Dear Friends,

First of all, I celebrate your new year 2020. I hope this new year will bring us such joy and happiness with more chiptune creations.

Dear Friends,

I would like to purchase two custom Gameboys with LSDJ cartridges but after googling it, I came across with only two webstores which are Deadpan and Retro modding for gameboys but no LSDJ cartridges nowhere on the web.

Do you know any webstores besides them where I could purchase custom Gameboys and LSDJ cartridges, if I may ask please?

Best Wishes