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catskull wrote:

Try plugging the genMDM into the console AFTER the console boots. That's the most common issue I've seen.

That was the answer. I had a bad habit of leaving it plugged to the console!

Thanks a lot!!


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Since there are many tech experts in this forum...

I can't getmy GenMDM to work properly on Channels 2-6.
It works just fine on channel 1 and 7-10.

Is it Ableton? (Although Logic can't get them to work neither)

Any thoughs?

Very rarely they do , but there's no way to know how I got them to work...

Here's a video that depicts the problem...


Thank you

Meow_woof_tapes, I've just purchased a GenMDM form CatSkull too and I'm starting to figure it out with LOGIC.... I think some of the back 'ol days software would be really helpful for the pourpose of fully managing the device.

I've contacted little-scale with the hope of him providing with some hints on useful apps nowadays for CC midi routing and control...
Of course any contribution by any member of the chipmusic community is well appreciated.

Worst scenario we can get in touch and share information on how to "take the reins" of this incredible piece of ingeniousness.