This thread is for the GenMDM SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis MIDI interface.

• GenMDM appears as a standard USB MIDI device in your favourite DAW, and connects your DAW to your SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive / Nomad.
• Support for 6 channels of FM (YM2612 chip) and 4 channels of PSG (SN76489 chip)
• MIDI channels 1 - 10 are used
• Support for all FM functions controlled via MIDI CC
• DAC and sample playback with sample rate control and over sampling multiplier
• DAC custom waveform
• DAC noise mode
• NTSC and PAL tuning
• Microtonal tuning
• Sensitive to pitchbend and velocity
• Store and load instruments from RAM quickly
• YM2612 Ch 3 special mode
• Support for 5-pin DIN MIDI input

GenMDM is currently not available for purchase or pre-order.

GenMDM Firmware:
• 101
• 102

GenMDM Max for Live Tools:
• GenMDM M4L Tools 101
• GenMDM M4L Tools 102

GenMDM Standalone Editor:
• GenMDM Standalone Editor 102 - compiled for OS X | source files

GenMDM Apps for Mac and PC:
• GENMDM_POLY: Polyphonic router for GenMDM.
• TFI2GENM: Batch conversion tool for importing many instruments as .TFI files for use with GenMDM
• GENMDM VGM Capture Tool (requires GenMDM firmware 103)

• TFI Batch conversion screencast: … l-for.html
• Tanikugu Japanese Introduction to GenMDM:
• GenMDM polyphonic router screencast: … g-app.html
• Prototype VGM capture screencast: … pture.html
• How to add a 5-pin MIDI DIN input to GenMDM hardware: … ut-to.html
• How to update GenMDM firmware: … mware.html
• GenMDM basic hardware and software setup: … e-and.html
• GenMDM .GENM patch storage file format info: … ument.html
• On importing .TFI files / .TFI  folders for use with GenMDM: … ludes.html
• TFI file collection with friendly names: … ludes.html
• Register 2C "Loud Samples" mode demonstration: … ister.html
• Polyphonic to Multiple Monophonic MIDI Router for Max for Live … tiple.html

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I have added a noise channel component for the FM chip of my SEGA Mega Drive MIDI Interface. The aim is to simply offer a little more variety in terms of what sounds can be achieved with the YM2612, so it's quite basic at the moment. The channel (which is actually a 'half channel' as it is split with FM channel six / the DAC channel) has the following features:

• 3 bit volume control is mapped to velocity
• 6 bit frequency control is mapped to pitch (specifically, notes 0 - 59)

A demo video is below.

Added triangle bass mode (thanks to Freezedream for the inspiration!): … drive.html

Added waveform buffer editing: … -mega.html

wow thats pretty weird - i like that

That is awesome, Seb.

Nothing I own has MIDI.  I'm probably going to end up shelling out more money than I'd like to talk about for a MIDI device once this is finished.

@ Beverage: USB to MIDI converters are relatively affordable these days, although stay away from the ultra cheap ones (let's say, sub $30 range).


cant wait to add this to the list of things that i control with piggy tracker smile

I don't know what I'd want to to control more..
Master System..

Can not wait for this big_smile

e.s.c. wrote:

cant wait to add this to the list of things that i control with piggy tracker smile

YES.  I plan to do this as well, whenever I get MIDI piggy! tongue

I have a SEGA Nomad waiting patiently for this.  I, however, can't wait.  So excited.


Still so excited about this, especially since I have a Nomad coming my way!  Keep up the great work Little-Scale!  smile

i would so midi with lgpt with this.

whats a pipeline??? wink