Will there be an option to buy a kit and make your own or will they all be prebuilt? I'm just waiting to give my money away to you

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People are more than welcome to brainstorm ideas and feature requests - however, there is no current time line to implement any feature requests.

I think this is totally reasonable. Solid manufacturing and distribution logistics and dealing with the initial onslaught of support questions seem like very good primary goals.

Also - making some good documentation for it. Which is paramount for a positive user experience.

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Will there be an option to buy a kit and make your own or will they all be prebuilt? I'm just waiting to give my money away to you

This can be an option - yes. The saving would only be approx. $20 or $25 or so, though.

is there going to / could there be any kind of vst/au/plugin/whateveritwouldbe software? i'm not sure how to explain it, but basically, something like VOPM, but specifically for setting the operators and such on a channel?

There is a max patch on sebs blog which he will release once the hardware is out apparently.

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Nice! Any purposed price estimate for this?

One thing about changing the parameters with MIDI: how many can the sega receive rapidly without choking to death?

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Apparently sebs interface is pretty damn chokeproof. I have used 7 of 9 channels with no strange behaviour. I wonder how it will deal with lots of rt custom wave fiddling though

I'd prefer a kit.  Looking forward to using this! smile

My recording inputs are a bit odd so this recorded a bit clippy but I am slowly getting the hang of this. Ive been tryng to get a trip hoppy vibe going without using any samples. This is a little loop with just the FM, no PSG or DAC.


Only about 15 seconds but damn I am pleased with that snare.

Wow, this I will be following with interest...

im definatly interested in this, i still have my old megadrive with sonic pack, my pride and joy, it would be neat if you could somehow manage to rip instruments from other games via cart or usb via roms?/

for example the streets off rage strings, how about the possibility to port instruments to an actual 4 op fm synth at a later stage......

please direct me to the preorder page as im definatly in for one.

You can to that now if you like, rip an instrument from whatever game you like, load it in VGM maker, then copy the settings to an FB01 or DX27 or whatever. They won't sound identical as the Megadrive chip is (in my opinion) a bit more crunchy due to how the DAC works but it should be pretty close. The only different with the MD interface is everything is done with midi CC, it doesnt have "patches" per se.

had the money in my paypal waiting for about a year haha

awesome i did not know that,

btw your snare sounds great, i cant wait to get my greedy mario hands on this.


(i have a tq5 so im going to try my hand at programming some rips however would be awesome if there was a tool so i can just upload to the synth itslef, but beggars cant be choosers.

long live FM

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Thanks man! The TQ5 is a fair bit more powerful than the megadrive, it has 8 wave forms (MD only has SIN) and I think 2 different styles of multipler. You want to stick to "ratio" and im PRETTY sure the MD is 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 etc, or you will have a hell of a time replicating the patches. The TQ5 lets to do all kinds of odd multiplier settings. Also im pretty sure the TQ5 has a bunch of LFO shapes, MD again, only sin.

Jesus, I need to get out more....