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For future reference: I just saw that catskull is back but with a new owner! Great news.
https://catskullelectronics.com/pages/r … -statement


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Yea, but the problem is that Catskull has closed according to the banner on the homepage.
Which is really sad. I hope nothing has happened that forced them to close


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I’m looking to buy a genMDM. Does anyone have one for sale?


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Does anyone know what has happened to Catskulls store? It is closed and pages left up for archival reasons.
Really sad since it was a great store (just noticed when I was going to order things today).

Have your tried M8?
Other than midi out it also has some seriously powerful synthesizers and features built in.

It is cheap as well if you decide to use the headless version, all you need is a a teensy 4.1 to run it and a computer to act as a screen.


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Really like Hey Beeper!

Would you like to share how you make your tracks?


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I check here a couple of times a week but I’m bad writing and answering.
Since a lot of us feels like it is to quiet here, what about a doing something about it? Me included of course.
Facebook, Reddit, Discord are all nice but what we read and write there are easily gone by next month.

There is a wealth of information here and if we take 2 minutes of our time to share the things we see on various platform and also comment I’m pretty sure it will start to be more likely here pretty fast.

I saw this today. Looks cool!
It is a midi-cartridge for SNES so you can play it via midi.
Maybe it’s been featured here already but if not:

Oops, posted two times

If I understand you correctly, you want to use the c64 as a regular midi-enabled synth with midi-cc control over its parameters.
If so, then you can use both mssiah and Station64. I’ve tried both but is most familiar with Mssiah.
Both can receive midi-cc for controlling the sound parameters and midi-note for pitch.
If you decide the station64-route: I use a tapecart sd (cost around 30usd I guess, check you local eBay) and a midi-interface from sharewareplus (£35 plus shipping). Works perfect. Mssiah has build-in midi but it’s midi-interface is only usable with cartridge itself.
I would say that both are great and quite simple to use.

https://sharewareplus.blogspot.com/2020 … e.html?m=1

Good luck!


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Hello community!
Does anyone know of a hardware based SID-synth that isn’t to expensive to buy or a simple diy build that doesn’t require hours of soldering and a BOM that spans over several pages.
Something like Catskulls YM2149 or a USB-SID that can be controlled from let’s say an emulator/bmc64 would be great.

I use both Mssiah and Station64 but sometimes I wish for a simple life that doesn’t require the old beasts to be powered on and also for a less cluttered studio.

Surprisingly groovy and fun. Thanks for the tips


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Thank for all your suggestions. I think I have to accept that it won’t do all the things I want and turn that into something creative.
I have used DS10 and M01 free running and then used the “auto-BPM” on a Korg EMX to sync to their tempo. This is the reason for wanting piggy as slave, so it can play in sync with a DS. Otherwise I’ll sample either the DS or piggy and play it as a loop, problem solved.
To be honest though, I haven’t tried how close their tempo is, maybe they can run together without to much drifting in tempo :-)
Have to try it!


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I’m wondering if someone knows a way of making LGPT sync to an external clock signal (either by midi or analog pulse, from a volca or modular).
I like the tracker but don’t want it to be my master clock (I have gear that doesn’t send a clock signal and therefore I use an KORG EMX-1 detect its tempo and then I sync everything from the emx).
If it’s not possible, do you have any idea of a similar tracker that can be synced to an external clock source.


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Are you going to put it on eBay again? I missed the auction ☹️