Shifty Pixlz wrote:

Hi, I'm here for the pizza.... Have you seen the patternarium? Is this anything like what you are describing?? But for like... Chips...? … Doctograph

Yes, exactly this, absolutely this . But for like... Chips... and also shared here , because why not ^^ i have templates, but would be great to discuss it a bit first because there's plenty to figure out

twodotzero wrote:

I like this idea

Thank you for taking the time to consider it, i do believe the circular notation is just better, more helpful, more immediate, and it lends itself well to online sharing actually.

I'm thankful for someone to have read it seriously , really.

But i dont really see how to take it forward, maybe by simply starting to share patterns ?

Heosphoros wrote:

why are alt accounts talking to themselves in a thread no one gives a shit about?

well that's a paranoid thing to say, does asking this question help you validate how smart you think you are ?

sorry for answering with a question, but the main idea is that the bar representation and the top down bar notation is simply inferior to a notation that's purpose built to represent rhythms and cycles  . Hope that clears that up ! enjoy yourself fellow netizen !

accidently posted twice lol whoops

geosgips wrote:

Your right I’m being a bastard.

this reply makes it all okay , thank you kind sir !

geosgips wrote:

The pizza method is for spicy world music. Your bastardizing the whole form!

i'm quite sure you dont fully understand the pizza method which is just a way to represent music ... you can use HEX to represent classical music the same way you can use a pizza to represent chip tunes.

Your accusation is unwelcome and unwarranted. Act your age please !

n00bstar wrote:

I'm not sure we're ready to take it to the next level yet. I mean, we barely know each other really... Let's wait a few more dates okay?

no i get that ^^ why not just enjoy the chip tunes first, get the media player embedded , then see what's up ? this is more a composer/producer social media idea (and it works the best for 8-16 bit instruments imho)

ForaBrokenEarth wrote:

i see what you mean but a pattern is a great way to write chip music, the "pizza" is a new thing so there's some fine tuning for tones and some other idiosyncracies though, we/i need to work this out (probably just scribble some notation on the sides?). Anyway the genesis had some great chips and you could make patterns for it , depends if you want to be exclusive of  some of the best music ever made i guess. You might be missing out though !

Hey there folks,

Do you have a really cool custom rig or instrument you once made and are no longer using?

Give it a second life with a sale or a trade.

Surprise me!

++ the SeshHog, Tonic ++

Hey everyone,

(tl;dr) should have a socialnetwork-like layout where folks share patterns and melodies on their user pages. Organiser/developper monetizes it with advertisement.

totally new to music in general but i'm learning everything on chipmachines doing chip tunes.

All i've done is basically watch this video by John Varney, then checked out some videos by Prof. Ethan Hein on you tube about what's called a Beat Pizza.

A beat pizza is a great way to share drum patterns, 16 steps (one bar) represented by slices and notes by colors and neat visual tricks. For example :

I've been able to tap into music through chiptunes so quickly this way. I think it's worth sharing.

Man i'd love to see a facebook of chiptune drum patterns and melodies with some sort of intuitive input. I'm sure it's practically trivial , with a small team it would be easier in some and harder in other respects, but really it would be so great to try to do this correctly .

Hope this helps !