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i've recently gotten back into chiptune after many years (first as a casual listener, and now as an actual composer/producer).

it seems like the scene has died down significantly since, say, 10 years ago. i'm curious what people think about the general decline of the genre and where you think it might be headed from here

we're not exclusively chiptune but my label neo-detritus is open to all genres! my upcoming album is gonna be all LSDJ so more chiptune is welcome. we handle distribution and promotion and we're open for submissions https://store.neodetrit.us/


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i'm on a pretty tight budget and i finally found a flash cart that won't destroy my wallet lmao
https://shop.insidegadgets.com/product/ … lash-cart/

has anyone used this cart before and is it sufficient for LSDJ? thanks!


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so i'm fairly new to LSDJ and i'm dealing with a strange bug or something when i transfer .sav files to my computer. right now i'm working in the Gambatte emulator on my New 2DS XL. it works just fine on there.

but when i transfer my .sav to Gambatte on my macbook, the tempo is stuck at 257. i've tried fixing it with the T command but it behaves strangely still. the tuning is also all over the place. anyone know what the issue is here? is it just user error?


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defensem3ch wrote:

honestly this is really good! my only criticisms would be that i think it starts to run out of steam around 1:25 where i wish the bassline was switched up a bit cause you kind of keep the same B-F#-B pattern with the same rhythm and it starts to sound a bit stale. you might also try messing with the wave synth a bit and vary the sound. for mixing, the pulse arps in that section sound good but you might lower the volume a bit so they don't eat your other pulse lead.

for more dynamic instrumentation, imho the keys are using W commands in the pulse channels (and you can experiment with putting them in tables for the instruments too) and also to use P and L commands to make notes more legato. i think those couple things will make a world of difference. you can also experiment with E commands in pulse and noise channels including the rising volume envelopes like E39 - E3F.

noise programming is good and i dig your song structure too! keep up the good work!

oh thank you!! yeah, honestly the more i go over the track the more the bass stands out as something that needs work. i appreciate the feedback and i'm looking forward to experimenting with your suggestions in mind smile

this is extremely enjoyable!!


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hi! i'm new here and new to producing chiptune, though i've been an avid listener for many years. my usual sound/workflow started to get stale and learning LSDJ has really inspired me.

this is my first full track; it's for a concept album about a fake video game about my fursona who is a horse who plays baseball (hold your applause).

i'm happy with the composition but i feel a little out of my depth in terms of programming dynamic instruments and mixing. what do you think? https://soundcloud.com/user-924898979/dead-arm/s-K30VO