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I've been trying to get it to work on steamdeck but the problem is it has a readonly filesystem which you can disable but steam might overwrite it on an update.

i tried the win32 with bottles but no luck.

i tried running the debian binary but it says i don't have libsdl-1.2.so.  i'm guessing i can't install that.

anybody have any input?


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tearauth wrote:

So Ive got it running on my arch linux laptop, the sound outputs fine (ran into problems with jack falling back to SDL but it sounds fine so not touching it for now)

How did you get it working on arch? I've been having problems with that.


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How can I get back to the non beta-version?


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I'm not a programmer. Just a casual Linux user, is there build instructions for it? There's nothing's in the README.md


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Looks like lots of  clones of the OGA.

LGPT build would be nice. I'm not sure what goes into compiling it. Are they just an ARM Debian build?


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Looking to get a handheld for both picoloop and LGPT. Would picoloop work on the rg350 using a opendingux build or is that build more specific for the gp2x.

Also would the Debian work on an ARM based like the Odroid go advance?


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herr_prof wrote:

The only way something would be cheaper AND well made would be if someone huge was making it like a Korg or Behringer. I think your options will always be between cheap and affordable, or expensive and boutqiue

That's true. Although, I think the the quality of both the rg350 and the retroid pocket go looks pretty decent compared to something like the OGA. Also, I'm talking about the less than $150 range, not $40. The problem is it's a niche market and are only produced in low to mid size quantities.


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As much as i like dedicated devices like the M8 or the NerdSeq devices. They are looking to be $300&up...Ouch.

I'd like something cheaper but still decently well made. The upcoming ambernic RG351p would be a nice one. Decently well made and a clone of the Odroid pro advance, plus half the cost of the M8. I think it might have wifi which maybe someone could implement Ableton link to sync multiple devices and other gear.  Plus I'm pretty sure it's debian-based like the OGA.

Otherwise I'd like a specifically Android version with a better interface than using the psp emulator. Also maybe to use something like the retroid pocket 2,which definitely has wifi.

Another cool idea on the dual analog stick handhelds would be to have the dpad always navigate through the different pages.The left analog stick could navigate around the list and the right analog stick would increase/decrease value with up or down and left or right could change the effect or for notes change the instrument number.