Thanks guys!!

Still got tapes and CDs left, wooo!


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I organised this compilation years ago - which then actually got bootlegged onto vinyl a couple years later because it got so inexplicably popular online

You might be able to track down a copy if you look hard enough, I found it in a few record shops here in England!

EDIT: In fact, here's a copy for sale from Spain on Discogs! Hahaha
I have a few copies if anyone was interested...

Euan Lynn's latest offering marks a change in direction - taking time over the production and programming, instead of spur of the moment cassette recordings, Endless Summer provides a clearer vision of Euan's Game Boy driven surf punk. But really, this is 5 tracks all about having fun and enjoying yourself - taking its name from the legendary 1960’s surf film where two surfers try and travel around the globe, following the summer in search of a perfect wave, this is a mission statement for living positively, doing cool stuff, and living your life as if summer never ended.



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Running Pulsar on my PAL NES, it is something like a tone and a third flat (or thereabouts), like totally out of tune, which really sucks cause I make my music with a guitar too! Could it maybe be that it's calibrated for NTSC consoles, and is running at a slower rate on my PAL console (and therefore producing lower tones)? I noticed for NTRQ there is a PAL and NTSC version, whereas for Pulsar there's just one version.

I emailed Neil a while ago but haven't had a reply, so I thought I'd maybe put it to you guys! I'm coming at this from LSDJ, so Pulsar is super intuitive for me and easy to use, whereas NTRQ terrifies me. But if there's no way to get Pulsar playing in tune with me (detuning my guitar would be awkward and also mean I couldn't switch between NES and Game Boy songs easily) then looks like I might have to learn to use it!


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I'll try having it plugged in elsewhere! Definitely not with my laptop - I've done a lot of recording and never had that problem. It comes through when plugged into my hi-fi too.

I'm not TOO bothered about a bit of hiss (if I was, I wouldn't be using this kinda tech!), so that sounds alright by me. I'll have a poke around and look into some of the mods that have been done smile



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I tried it with my TV turned off and it was still there hmm


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Recently been playing with Pulsar and NTRQ on my NES (class programs, and I'm such a sucker for the sound of the NES) and have come to a point where I'm wanting to record a bit

However, the RCA out gives me so much buzz. Like, to the point where the audio itself is somewhat buried in it. I know that this is a recognised problem but I feel that maybe mine is worse than usual?

I've done one recording, using the hearing loop output from my TV (my TV is SUPER old), which had less of that buzz (and a different kind of buzz, but that was quieter). Here's that recording - you can hear the buzz at the end:
That whole recording sounds quite lo-fi and noisy (I recorded the guitar + vocals like that on purpose) which I actually like, but it'd be kinda nice to have the option to have a clean recording!

I know that there's the lowgain mod which splits the audio, but is there any other way to reduce the buzz? Replacing any capacitors or anything?

Thanks! I'm totally new to using my NES (been using my Game Boy for years) and it's really exciting!

This is tomorrowww!!!

Yeah man, wish you were around! Definitely want to put more on, see if we can't restart the Newcastle chip scene a bit..


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There's ways to package .NSFs as ROMs isn't there, which would make them playable on the N8? So despite not having direct .NSF playback it could be worked around.. right? Or am I talking bollocks here? Hahah

Apparently the N8 saves how you would expect it to - no Reset stuff! Plus it's cheaper.. So if I still have an option to play .NSFs in some way, I reckon the N8 would probably be the better option!


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I had a quick search and couldn't really find a straight answer to this -
I'm really wanting to get a flash cart that I can get some software on (NTRQ) and begin playing around with composing on my NES. I absolutely love the way they sound.
However, I have a few questions I was hoping you guys could help me with!

Is there any real differences between the PowerPak and the Everdrive?
I think the PowerPak has the audio expansion chips built in/emulated, and the Everdrive doesn't, right?
Can NTRQ make use of those expansions anyway?
Can the Everdrive play back NSF files, in case I decided to go the Famitracker route?

Thanks! smile

Syphus, Euan Lynn, Forbidden Colour and King Wine!

Free show in the basement of Travelling Man comic shop, a free DIY venue space called Nerd Hutch

It's gonna be class!


First song from my new EP - OUT SOON!
Free download here -





Just a lil bump cause this is in a few days!

First Scottish show in support of the self released 3-way split (copies of which should be available on the night) released late last year. Stream/download it here. Learn the words! … xgetxrealx

XGETXREALX - Straight Edge hardcore with an 8-bit twist
Nostalgia mosh, Minor Threat, Nintendo, Chikara

Belafonte - 90s emo a la Mineral etc. with a bit (a lot) of Bitshifter thrown in for good measure … ent-to-bed
Late 90s emo, MTG, Shrek

Euan Lynn - Imagine The Ramones as a one man band. Now imagine that band with a gameboy and strong penchant for skating
Punk rawk, Skating, Heartbreak

One more TBC

All Ages, BYOB, ID required £4 entry, £2 with donation of tinned goods/food that will keep

Respect the venue, any nonsense and you're straight out