Thanks, guys smile

@ShintarouMusi, I know that there are ways to sync them via midi, but I'm not that clever. I just setup my samples and lsdj project in the same bpm, and let 'er rip! As long as you can hit the sample pads in time, you're solid.

@Stargazer, My setup changes a bit from time to time, but in this particular video, I am just running the DMG into the KP3 directly.
A more typical setup for me includes another dmg, and a small mixer (seen just off the right of the screen) to route everything together. I like to keep it pretty simple.

Thanks for watching, haha. Glad you dug it.
It's just the one cool toy. I had to save up quite a bit to get ahold of it, but I would recommend it to anyone, for certain!

Wasn't sure where to post this... heh.
Just a little LSDj/KP3 jam from over the weekend.
I just picked up my KP3 on Monday, and can't believe I didn't get one sooner.

Anywho... enjoy! And post your chill tracks for this Monday morning.


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Heck yes! looks like a good time, man. Cool looking club!
I move that leggings are the new chiptune uniform.


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The leggings were grand. Easily the most comfortable pants I have worn in a long time. haha


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Anyone out there plays shows over the Holidays?
Let's see the photos!
I played a big event down here at a local club. Good times.


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88 Hulks Per Hour is tonight's jam, for certain

Yeah let's do it!

All great stuff here!
Thank you for the links and such. I am a huge dummy when it comes to this side of things, and it's nice to have something to go off of.
How approachable is the arduino for a novice?

@Limitbreak - Where are you in AZ? I just played a show in PHX last weekend with MegaRan, D&D Sluggers, Prof Shyguy, Amanda Lepre, and BFAD (Phx Local). Would love to meet some more az chip heads.

Hey, Gang!
So im trying to scale up my stage set a little bit, and I'd like to add one piece of lighting in particular.
I'm totally down for DIY, but I'm a huge dunce with this stuff. So let me spell it out.

I'm looking to build a "wall" of light tubes. Fluorescent is fine, but I imagine that LED tubes are probably a better option. Not to mention the option of color, programmability, etc that LEDs would afford.

The basic look would end up being something like:

I have no idea where to begin with this project. As I said before, It would be neat if it could do some various chase patterns and things of that nature, but at this point, i'm just looking for it to work AT ALL.
Could anyone out there help me reel in the scope of this project? Parts, process, etc.
Alternatively, does anyone want to just quote me a price to have one built?

Thanks y'all


I used to be "The Automaton", but well.. that got really old really fast haha. Plus, promoters and the like couldnt seem to pronounce it. It was always "Automotion" or "Automation" or something similar.
To the time came a few years ago to change the name. I went through all sorts of throwaways until landing on 10SPD. I'm a huge Coheed and Cambria fan, so there's some obvious ties there. But mostly, I make music that makes you want to go fast. It just sort of came up as a joke at first, then it stuck.
Aaaannnd here we are years later.


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Some new footage from Saturday night. More to come.

Anon. Complex

edit: The rest of the set


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Ok, so!
After receiving an alpha build of the game (and staying up far too late into the night enjoying the heck out of it) I have come to this:
$X per minute of music. $Y per sound effect (that was actually the client's idea, works for me!)
With Z% royalties on the backend.

Flat-rates are payable on delivery.
Seems pretty solid to me, but
Am I shooting myself in the foot here?

Thanks again to everyone for your great advice.


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Some great advice in here, gang! Thanks.
Yeah if I end up going flat-rate, it's going to need to be worth the time.
I'm a graphic designer/photographer by trade, so I'm used to dealing with some royalty v. flat-rate stuff.
I appreciate all the insight.

Thanks for the perspective guys!

i'll update when the time comes.


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Thank you sir!
Good advice