I don't have a GameBoy, but I do like your music. I still listen to the Connect album. heart


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I tip my metaphorical hat to the creator of Wall You Need Is Love

Cow pee

Disorder is an excellent song, definitely deserved the inclusion here.



Bit wish wrote:

Wow I totally forgot I made this thread. Glad to see some familiar names in here. What projects have you guys been working on?

I’ve stopped working with lsdj and have been working on korg gadget but part of me regrets not sticking to lsdj… I feel like it would have paid off better.

I'm not sure how long this will take, or how it will end up, but I've been working on this dark chiptune + metal thing. Lyrics have been written, I also have cover art. Still working on the riffs.

If all goes well, expect something in 2022

Aha! I too have now found the double-post error!

irrlichtproject wrote:

Maybe an option could also be to convert to a more reddit-style single board


I am still here. And if it gets to where we need donations to keep this place going, I will consider donating as well. This is a rather oldschool, traditional forum as opposed to the usual social media suspects. It's a good thing it still exists

It has come to my attention that I once called 4mat "nerdy" in 2016, when he answered a question about SNES trackers in, well, one might say... a nerdy fashion

This caused some consternation, and I was informed that I was a "total idiot" by e.s.c.

4mat also declared I was being "passive aggressive" and said, "You do realise knowing this stuff is part of my job right?"

So, five years later, I would like to take this opportunity to finally say, publicly to 4mat, from the bottom of my heart:


Thank you for being your nerdy self

-Feryl 2021

Jophish wrote:

i’ve got the entire source for 8bc due to jose recruiting me (a literal child at the time) to help “test” his bleepbloop carts (as well as making me a mod of 8bc and requiring me to answer support emails) and it’s an absolute dumpster fire of php.

been wanting to do something with it for a while (ie port it to a language used since the extinction of dinosaurs) but matt of kitsch bent still owns the 8bitcollective.com domain (lol) which redirects to his website (lol) which itself is completely broken. for some reason that’s really funny to me.

the trademark on “8bitcollective.com” expired a few years ago (yes, it exists); always thought it would be a fun (and completely fucking stupid) project to get it back online.

hi jophish

Yeeeee all new / unreleased songs from tons of artists! Including me, ha...

Shout out to the flying dinosaur who made this possible!


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Post your all-time favorite chiptune albums + EPs.

Here's mine:


The Boy with the Digital Heart by Pixelh8 (2007)
Vaporware Soundtracks 2.0 by 8 Bit Weapon (2006)
8 Bit Heart by Leeni (2007)
Legacy Trails by 4mat (2011)
Spectra by Chipzel (2013)
October November December by Brother Android (2010)
Space Hymns Theodicy Edition by Brother Android (2013)
Three Years by Ro-Bear (2012)
Today by Freezedream (2010)


Natural High by Baifan (2009)
Talk to Animals by Talk to Animals (2010)
Mokè Mokè by Zan-zan-zawa-veia (2011)
Mino by Pgil (2014)
Baddies by Comptroller (2011)
Left by Minusbaby (2009)
Chaotic Tänze Der Funktion by Sulumi (2010)

Submission sent via bandcamp.


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That opening track... good stuff, good stuff!

Edit: who cares if it's from October! Thanks for posting this. Nice chill songs here


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Jophish wrote:

hi feryl

The creator of Distance himself!