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Alright Simon keep your shirt on, I'll scream into the void with you!

Five seconds into the first song, I was already liking it

Edit: okay the album continues to impress. Very polished

breakphase wrote:

Thanks BleeLove I’ll check it out.

firebrandboy wrote:

unfortunately there's no good centralised resource right now.

Ahh that’s a bummer. Like I found PEER - Dances on this site.

Where will I find the next Dances? I know you fuckers are still making things. Where did I find 4mat - Decades? Might have been here. 0f.digital.

I'm still cooking, you have to let me cook. Though I don't claim to be making the next Dances, lol


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Solid tune, good to see the album isn't dead!

Bumping almost 10 years later to say this has become one of my favorite albums.


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The man, the myth, the legend. I still have Beyond the Frontier on my HDD


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Ah yes, so you're still working on that album! Keep up the good work



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I tip my metaphorical hat to the creator of Wall You Need Is Love


Disorder is an excellent song, definitely deserved the inclusion here.


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Aha! I too have now found the double-post error!


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I am still here. And if it gets to where we need donations to keep this place going, I will consider donating as well. This is a rather oldschool, traditional forum as opposed to the usual social media suspects. It's a good thing it still exists