Wanted to share this officially untitled chiptune from 2010, made by the artist of "Natural High EP." The opening is quite abrasive, but then a bittersweet melody is introduced.

Baifan is not super well-known, but he created my favorite chiptune EP of all time. Eventually, he stopped making chiptunes, and said: "One gameboy can not meet all my thoughts."

Taken from: https://soundcloud.com/baifan/baifan-ch … p-live-set


Count me in.


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After *many* attempts, I finally have something I don't hate:



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Arc-Demon wrote:

Oh, I missed the boat. sad

Damn work! mad

Nah you're good.

I still haven't finished mine yet. So many discarded ideas. I had the same problem trying to finish up my last EP.


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I've been trying and trying to write something with no success... I might not make my own deadline, but I'll keep trying until I have something. Lol


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Given the extra isolation time we might have these days, I had a thought:

Within the next week, write yourself a new chiptune. Upload it here by 3/20, and post the title of your song in this thread.

Just an idea to get the creative juices flowing and make something while we're stuck in our bedrooms.

I'll post back here when I have a tune of my own!


What were some of your favorites?


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I've literally been using a 2004 version of ModPlug since 2008.

12 years a slave to chiptune.


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TetrisEffect wrote:

Man... those were the days.

ant1 was something else. Too bad he doesn't show his beak around here anymore.


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It seems a lot less lively now than when I first got into it 12 years ago.

Chiptune has gone from the very active 8-Bit Collective site, Crystal Castles, and Ke$ha, all the way to background music for kids' shows on Cartoon Network.

I'm not seeing a lot of "big releases" anymore, and it's rare I find new chiptune releases on bandcamp that I actually like these days. But I'm always looking.

You could say... it's only dead if we let it die. I have no plans to stop, lol


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1 Looking Forward
2 The Bike Ride Home
3 Warehouse
4 Phone Call
5 Torture
6 Mahjong


Encased in concrete
Her soul wanders in torment
Floating above them


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Today is one of the best chip albums ever made.

Getting a Bee and Puppycat vibe from some of these new tracks, nice

One step closer to Your New Life Is Calling finally seeing the light of day!


About 10 years ago, I put together a collection of some of my favorite module chiptunes of all time...

Before my next solo EP, I thought I'd make a sequel.

13 more melodic chiptunes to keep you warm in these cold months!

Featured artists:

Beek - Arlen - Syphus - Boo - Loonie - Stalker - Ghidorah - Zabutom - Radix - Sire - Christopher Voss - 4mat - Ellen_Page


Which chiptune artists are you most nostalgic for, or wish would come back from the dead and make new music?

For me, I would say Baifan. His "Natural High EP" was incredible. I still listen to it, and would check out new music from the guy in a heartbeat.