Feed me scary chiptunes


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The wait is over.


I've never heard your music before Coco, but I will check it out now. Good thread and gives me an excuse to reminisce. big_smile

I love chip music, and that's never going to change. It's so much fun to push through the writer's block and make new songs, year in and year out, trying new things and getting that one stupid note *just* right to satisfy my neuroticism.

I've put out a new release every year since 2009, even though I can't seem to write more than 5 tracks at once. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be "A Wish in the Lake." I'm glad I'm still here and was able to pour my emotions into the music, among other things, instead of doing something I couldn't take back.

Grateful for you guys. Never stop creating. Chiptune forever.

Edit: apparently, I *have* heard at least one song of yours before Coco, because I just saw an old comment on mine on your track "And I Saw a Light." smile

Still one of my favorite chiptune albums


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Thanks, I like the podcast idea. I'll look into setting one up


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Long, long ago, when I was but a naive kid whining about profanity on the internet (a Saga of Cringe so notorious, legend speaks in hushed tones of a concentrated effort to silence the silly child for good)... some of you may remember I also ran a blog. It was called The Chiptune Blog (truly, a brilliant name).

Thinking of starting it up again, posting about stuff I find on bandcamp, etc.

Is there any interest left for this sort of thing? And if so, what kind of posts / discussions would you like to see? (aside from me LARPing as my past self, and crying over profanity again)

Oh man that sounds like a good show


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Here you go:


I'll start:

The Boy with the Digital Heart by Pixelh8 (2007)

But will the legendary Rockman Charcoal make an appearance??


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Falco Lombardi... now there's a blast from the past 0.0


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Is zebra secretly ant1 in disguise?

(nice music btw)

(edit: REALLY nice music here, guys)


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1 You'll Get Through This
2 Making an Effort
3 Self Esteem (II)
4 Reflection
5 Alone


jefftheworld wrote:
lorecast162 wrote:

Just PMed xyce's page, it does quite seem like his style of music, I hope I'll get an answer

xyce is two people (xylo & cerror), so you might want to look into xylo and cerror music as well. There are also some other musicians in that style like Malmen, Joule, Wiklund & Radix. Jakim, Zalza & Michu also do stuff in that style sometimes although perhaps less often. Really, all of these artists do other styles, too, and do a lot of music in general, so it might take some digging.

To be honest, it sounds more like a Radix song to me, but they all work with a lot of the same sort of timbres and song structures.

It's definitely not Radix, but it sounds like Malmen. Not sure which tune though.


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Imaginary wrote:

Thanks dudes!
Feryl, what makes it stand out as decidedly oldschool? I cut my chiptune teeth on the 8BC stuff so I suppose it's obvious that it had a lot of influence, but beyond that?

No gimmicks, just straight bouncy LSDJ music with that carefree 8BC flavor I remember big_smile

Arc-Demon wrote:
Feryl wrote:

"Chiptune music started as an underground thing and stayed there, thankfully"

Blatantly false

How so?

Ke$ha and Crystal Castles brought the sound to mainstream attention for a while