10k is here to approve this fantastic release.



Others happened, I was just pissing, or enjoying it too much (read: getting progressively closer to blackout drunk) to film!

Scruffa's setup was so sick:


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the authenticity of this chiptune cannot be questioned, it is 100% authentic thanks

Hek yah. Looking forward to this!

I'll come to this if you come to the event in Sydney, Josh...

Chiptune has a new home in Newtown.

You're invited. Congrats! If you're not in Sydney, that's ok. If you wanna come to Sydney? Please do. It's Free Entry.

1500 - Hangout and DJ Rohan.
1900 - Open Mic, bring your best tune.
1930 - Alex Lane 'Titan' listening party.
2000 - International guest's proxy mix.
2030 - Godinpants
2100 - Kick ons and Seanpai Mix
2300 - Close. It's a school night.

Godinpants is a live bass guitar, a Gameboy as a drumkit, and a bit of banter. Who knows what kind of beard and CCCP hockey jersey he'll show up in.

Set times may change.
International identity confirmed on the day.
Open Mic registration up soon.


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Always happy for new CHR15M and Fendaddy.

Meneo / España

If you like reading sentences that last for whole pages, this English translation of the Russian classic 'The Master and Margarita' is one of the best things ever written.

http://www.masterandmargarita.eu/estore … glenny.pdf


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pselodux wrote:

great post!

I think my problem is that I'm hopelessly terrible at self-promotion and have this magical fantasy that having a release on a label will be some amazing experience where they'll do all the promotion I can't do. I don't know what to write about myself in a press-release; I even have trouble writing about a couple of my videos getting spread around on CDM and such. maybe I should just get super drunk and write one lol

Perhaps a followup question would be, if I release something myself, how do I trick people into reviewing it? I've tried sending download codes to sites that have written articles about me but didn't even get a response..

So many emails don't get responses. That's one of the reasons why media promotions people, who develop relationships with media personalities, exist: they get their emails opened. You could consider finding someone who owns those relationships if you're really uncomfortable promoting yourself and following up on it. It does cost money though. There are people like http://www.deathproofpr.com.au/about in Melbourne that do this for bands for a living. Maybe chat to them, or someone like them, and see if the return on investment seems worth it?


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Knife Crimes wrote:
pselodux wrote:

working on a super complex prog album

Yes please.

Also this.


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n00bstar wrote:

Chiptune labels aren't record labels really.

Boom-shakalaka! The ring is on fire! Seriously though, I 100% agree with this and many other things said in your post n00b0... There is (was, for the most part) prestige to being on a label people know and trust, that's deep set in the search results for 'chiptune' on google, that has a EDM database of fans and contacts that can get your music in games, or played on boutique radio shows. But realistically these labels don't exist in large numbers anymore, or they're insular.

What I'd suggest, rather than trying super hard to get your tunes on a label, is putting them up on bandcamp, then generating a bunch of download codes. Next, dedicate the time you would have spent finding a label to building a spreadsheet (hell, even work with each other in Sheets) that has an email contact for all the active chip blogs, VGM radio shows around the world, local even international promoters who book chip gigs, any other site/publication that might be interested (CreateDigitalMusic, your local city circle-jerk blogs or whatever) and give them your music and offer interviews, or further downloads as prizes. For the love of god, please include a press release that has a reason for people to care in the email body. "I played with important chipmusic or VGM artist you know at impressive event blah" or, "this is my first release since providing songs for the soundtrack of blah" or "this is the first full release ever made using this console/technique/something" who knows - just something to 'set you slightly apart'.

I'll start you off on your spreadsheet:

https://www.facebook.com/thevideogamemu … =page_info
https://www.facebook.com/vgmawesome/inf … =page_info

Expect low hit rates. Some people will only play music FROM videogames. Some people don't care for submissions, or have some other abstract reason to ignore you or turn you down - don't take it personally. Either way, I firmly believe that getting onto even 5-10% of these is better than getting put on someone else's bandcamp and having them do very little for you. Familiarity in your desired audience is half the battle. When you release your NEXT EP, you can contact all these people again and hell, they might even remember you!

urbster1 wrote:

from here:

LSDJ works on the Everdrive GB, however, its only downfall is that due to how save game files are handled, you’re limited to creating one song at a time on the device.

Whereas with DnD + LittleFM you can store 8 projects (savs) that can each hold potentially a dozen + songs

Not to mention, the Everdrive still has a battery in it... You're not going to ever have to deal with data failure due to a battery failure with a DnD.