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Heck yeah!

I’ve copped.

Don’t know about the creator, but PayPal is pretty robust re this stuff in my experience. If it’s a scam we can get our cash back.


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here are a few from the discord:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z4E5Rs … sp=sharing zip

https://www.dropbox.com/s/56kw38mx50f6r … 4.wav?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2f6orror4h69 … 4.zip?dl=0

It took mmmm a long time, but I've started a chiptune/related scenes distro.

SYDNEY CITY CHIPTUNE MINISTRIES is an attempt to keep old and new chipmusic, modular soundscapes, demoscene tracker files, hardware jam tapes, outsider electronic drones, field recordings and other DIY scene-based music alive and broadly available (on Spotify, Apple, MixCloud, SoundCloud Go, Shazam and Tidal, along with many others).

If you wanna check it out and see what's out so far, or what's upcoming...


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I’m back, baby!

10k is here to approve this fantastic release.



Others happened, I was just pissing, or enjoying it too much (read: getting progressively closer to blackout drunk) to film!

Scruffa's setup was so sick:


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the authenticity of this chiptune cannot be questioned, it is 100% authentic thanks

Hek yah. Looking forward to this!

I'll come to this if you come to the event in Sydney, Josh...

Chiptune has a new home in Newtown.

You're invited. Congrats! If you're not in Sydney, that's ok. If you wanna come to Sydney? Please do. It's Free Entry.

1500 - Hangout and DJ Rohan.
1900 - Open Mic, bring your best tune.
1930 - Alex Lane 'Titan' listening party.
2000 - International guest's proxy mix.
2030 - Godinpants
2100 - Kick ons and Seanpai Mix
2300 - Close. It's a school night.

Godinpants is a live bass guitar, a Gameboy as a drumkit, and a bit of banter. Who knows what kind of beard and CCCP hockey jersey he'll show up in.

Set times may change.
International identity confirmed on the day.
Open Mic registration up soon.


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Always happy for new CHR15M and Fendaddy.

Meneo / España