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8static Festival is now happening at the Icebox Project Space!
1400 N American St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122

Thanks, both of you.

I just got a chunk of the band's copies of the EP in the mail last week. I'm going to try to bring a stash of them to 8static Fest next week, so if anyone wants to pick one up there and save the shipping, let me know!

No one else has made a thread so I figured I might as well.

Lazy facebook event copy-paste below.

8static 53 - 8static Festival 2017
Celebrating our 9th year anniversary!
This Event is ALL AGES!
Thursday, November 9th - Saturday November 11th, 2017 at the Icebox Project Space
1400 N American St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122
Doors: 6:00 each night with a DJ set
Show: 7:00pm for first act

Tickets: http://8static.limitedrun.com/
Web: http://8staticfest.com/
$20 per day
$50 for advance 3-day pass
Live video stream on Twitch 8static

Makeup and Vanity Set
Sleep Creature
Mage Hand
The Mountain Chiefs
+Let's Disinfect!+
Cheap Dinosaurs
Game Genie Sokolov
Temp Sound Solutions
Little Paw
Bubblegum Octopus
Awesome Force
flow mein

Claire Kwong

My band just released a collaborative VGM arrangement EP on a 10": https://theyetee.com/collections/all/products/timeline

And just so this isn't all self promotion, here's some of the stuff I have in my collection that's still available for sale:
http://capacitancerecords.bigcartel.com … recordings
https://michaelzucker.bandcamp.com/albu … -perfect-2
http://store.kythibong.org/product/seal … p-preorder
everything on http://store.infinityshred.com/
https://mailordermonsters.bandcamp.com/ … r-monsters

I can second the Data Airlines recommendation as well - lots of great releases: https://dataairlines.bandcamp.com/merch

10" VINYL: https://theyetee.com/collections/all/products/timeline
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: https://marshallart.bandcamp.com/album/ … =chipmusic

Back in 2016, Marshall Art was invited to play the chipspace stage at MAGFest. For that show, we invited our friend and past collaborator Cory Johnson to join us (partially as an excuse to finally see and hear some of his music played live.) We collaboratively re-arranged some vgm covers from our back catalogs for NES and two guitars, and crafted a new cover specifically for that show.
A year later, it seemed an aweful shame to just let these arrangements sit unreleased. So, this spring we polished them up, recorded new parts, and with the help of our new friends at The Yetee had them pressed to 10" vinyl. It's been a long process getting these ready, but we're happy to finally have them available and very proud of the end product!

Endless thanks to Michael for the mastering; Ami for the live photo; Mike, Marc, and Drew at The Yetee; and Sebastian at Materia Collective for making this release happen!

Let chiptune progressive rock duo Marshall Art and post-rock guru Cory Johnson take you on a remarkable journey through time with this video game arrangement EP.

The Timeline EP features music from the Legend of Zelda series, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Undertale. Born out of a live collaboration at MAGFest 2016, these four songs have been rearranged, combining authentic NES hardware and effects-laden electric guitar to form chiptune rock epics unlike anything else out there!

Fairy Fountain [from The Legend of Zelda]
But You’re Still Hungry [“Ruined World” from Chrono Trigger]
Towns 1 (Hello World) [“Onett” from Earthbound]
MGLV: The Easiest Enemy [“Megalovania” from Undertale]

10” black with colored splatter vinyl (45 RPM) with full color label and jacket. Album artwork by Drew Wise and photography by Ami Moregore.

https://forestlabel.bandcamp.com/album/ … rom-russia

Essential chiptune compilation gathered by Forest Label all across Russia. 11 tracks from good old names and talented young-bloods!

1. AlexOgre - stay wavy 03:45
2. Marshall Art - Goodbye, Oil Age 04:10
3. EyeScream - Dear Airstrike 05:49
4. Purely Grey - Tides 04:56
5. Zan - Moon 04:03
6. Final Sketch - Need For Adventures 02:50
7. stress_tn - acid forest theme 05:32
8. Chippusetto - Brothers with explosive fists 03:58
9. burryleak - spark 02:06
10. daletune - wasted 02:51
11. Screamwod - Wonder Eyes 01:48


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FYI it's no longer marked as sold out / unavailable on RetroUSB, so you should be able to order a new one direct from them: http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.ph … ucts_id=34


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I've been using this for the past few Marshall Art tracks. The groove settings function alone makes it worth switching over to.

Good question. Maybe we haven't done enough to promote ourselves within the chip community? *shrug*
Either way, glad you've heard us now!

Today is Marshall Art's fifth anniversary of being a band! To commemorate this, we've gathered up all of the covers we've recorded in the past five years and collected them into a single album. If you've ever wanted to hear Ecco The Dolphin music arranged like a Pink Floyd song (with chiptunes), or Chrono Trigger with elements of Deftones (and chiptunes) thrown in, then we've got the album for you.

Bandcamp: https://marshallart.bandcamp.com/album/gallery (pay what you want!)
Loudr: http://www.loudr.fm/release/gallery/sC8xq
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/gallery/id1127919212
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Gallery-Marshall … 01HIDV6TA/
Google: https://play.google.com/store/music/alb … qcck267dfy
Stream the album on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/3SpBNgs8MrkycLSm306nFb

Side A:
1. Eccos (feat. Alexander Liss) [Ecco The Dolphin] 07:48
2. But You're Still Hungry [Chrono Trigger] 05:56
3. MGLV: The Easiest Enemy (feat. Cory Johnson) [Undertale] 05:45
4. My Monkey Drives A Maserati [DKC3] 05:16
5. Party at Lab 16 (feat. Friends of Marshall Art) [Chrono Trigger] 07:20
Side B:
6. Polygon Sun [Chromelodeon] 04:01
7. Ready for Prime Time, Bitch [Nightmare on Elm Street] 08:00
8. The Whale [Electric Light Orchestra] 05:11
9. Crusade [Siberiade] 04:21
10. Triangular (feat. Bucky, Live at 8static Festival 2015) [Chromelodeon] 06:51
11. Fighting Human’s Way [Mouryou Senki Madara] 01:00
12. Battle Theme 1 [Shura No Mon] 01:51
13. the Guide of travellers along the roads of this world and along that leading to the next [Chrono Trigger] 00:28

We've also made a short run of cassette tapes! Each of the 25 copies is individually dubbed onto a different color cassette. The tapes are hand-stamped using custom laser cut wood stamps. The j-cards are all individually painted in color schemes and patterns inspired by the songs on the album. The tapes are housed in orange and black swirl/splatter painted cases. Grab them from our bandcamp store: https://marshallart.bandcamp.com/merch

https://marshallart.bandcamp.com/track/marshall-art is 19:18. It's made up of distinct parts which could be their own songs (and some of them have been performed live that way) but it was conceived and written as a "suite" in five* movements.  There are some common motifs running through the parts which help tie it all together.

*it was originally 6 parts, but we dropped one while we were finishing up the album. It became The Lost Art, which, if you're clever with an audio editor, can be seamlessly spliced on to the end of the suite and serves as an alternative "bad ending" to our album.

Ubiktune would be the one I'd go to; they released my band's album last year and there's no other label I'd have rather it be on... unless, like, they were to fund a vinyl pressing for us... tongue
I'll nudge c-jeff for you.

I've got a Genesis Model 3 (NTSC) + Flash Cart + Arduino Uno but little-to-no experience with writing my own music for that platform.  What can I do to help?

Cool concept! I will be in touch about contributing a song from Marshall Art.


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Today is our fourth anniversary, so we're having a merch sale! Get 15% off of our CDs, tapes, and shirts with the code MAFourYears.