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We're done! Thanks again for all the support, tracklist of the year is below and you can get the full zip of the entire year (all 45 singles!) right here!
Adiós ~ x ~
Andrew & Alex


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from a curation standpoint im down cuz ~ x


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#N| ame damnee // The J Arthur Keenes Band
For our final single ever ( :'( ) we've got one track by Whitely's new project, the gorgeous pysch-indie guitar & vox meanderings of ame damnee, alongside a melancholic belter by scene veteran The J Arthur Keenes Band, ending our run in the scene with the emotional clout we feel. Get the tissues...~ and GOODBYE ! ~ XXX
we miss you already *sob*
So yeah! That's us for the scene, it's been an honest pleasure putting stuff out over here for the few (5?!) years it's been since we launched Pxl-Bot & then TWG, mega thanks to everyone who supported us over the years, it's been a blast. All the best with your endeavours,
Peace N Love, A.K.s ~ x ~


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#M| TDK // Melt Channel
One leftfield track from British demoscene legend and BAFTA winning sound designer TDK, with the other track a pop-punk-chip belter by US band Melt Channel; we're shutting this project down right.
Download & Stream here!


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#L| Tri Angles // Peaches The Wale
A single of returning artists; back in 2013 Tri Angles (as SMILETRON) dropped a track with us, and now he's back with more chilled breaks as the A. In 2014 we had Peaches as part of the Soundbytes Australia curated month, and she's back too with one hell of a party jam!
When you get that feeling click here.


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#K| kfaraday // bertfm
One half chipjazz legend behind earlier WT guest curator bitpuritans, the incredibly talented kfaraday, one half diverse and talented newcomer, bertfm. Chaos // Melody.
Download & Stream here


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#J| Space Town // Matt Nida
This is probably our most sweeping single yet; two large tracks with atmosphere and slowburn kinetics, one melodically emotive from US Space Town and one acid-house beast from UK's Matt Nida.
Download & Stream here!


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#I| Breakbeat Heartbeat // Braz_OS
One break track from scene oldie // 8BC queen Breakbeat Heartbeat, one vocal & esoteric track by DESKPOP alumni and relative newcomer Braz_OS; the hyppeeee tho.
Download & Stream here!


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#H| PTE Squad: (T-T)b // Please Lose Battle
This week UK label PTE Squad are providing WeeklyTreats it's last ever curator single with the talents of two chiptune bands: US outfit (T-T)b and French Please Lose Battle, both of whom have been tearing up both the online and live circuits in the scene for some time now. (T-T)b provide two short 'written-for-live' interludes to sandwich PLB's track, whilst Please Lose Battle come up with the same melodic. rock-influenced bars that made them so popular to begin with. Time to get emotional gang.
Download & Stream Here!


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#G| hardw1red // SuperPryzm
Two newer talents, two completely different styles, one dank ass single. Get on it~
Get on it here


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sandneil wrote:
AndrewKilpatrick wrote:

Some sad news: We're ending the WeeklyTreats project early.
Before we do that though, we'll be back in September releasing all the singles we have stockpiled, closing in all finality by the 19th of September. These 'round up' singles won't be released once a week, instead just whenever we want, but after that we're finito !
Some happier news: The Treats name is not dead! Whilst we're no longer a curation team within the chip scene, we do have plans in the oven for a new project using Treats outside of the scene, hopefully appearing sometime in 2016 ~ ~ ~
All the best and thanks for your support over the years!
Andrew & Alex
~~X X X~~


thanks for your support over the years!

Pleasure was all ours ! :') xx


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#F| Nanode // Auxcide
Newcomer Nanode gives us a bass-focused track from his up-and-coming debut 'Looper', whilst Pxl-Bot and WT vet Auxcide displays more of his characteristic huge space harmonies on the flip.
Download & Stream here!


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#E| J3WEL // Alex Lane
J3WEL was the first pegged by the WT team for the series of comps we planned to end this year with, and Alex Lane was pegged by Soundbytes Australia for their involvement in a planned curator comp: transnational curator-approved chip lads; one half Southern English live circuit dominator and newcomer, J3WEL, the other half a track from Aussie jewel (eyyy) Alex Lane following his November release on Cheapbeats!
Download & Stream here!


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#D| ocean palace // Jellica
One half melodically meandering oddity from ex-TWGer ocean palace, and one half bass oddity from Old School Titan and WT vet Jellica. Another case of the disparate working cohesively as a singular.
Download & Stream here!


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#C| Viami
One of the artists we originally pegged for a 'New Talent' compilation we were gunna stick out as part of our big goodbye month. Viami sent us two tracks to choose from, and considering how good they were we decided to use them both for a single !
Download & stream here!


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# B | misfitchris // Starpause
Second single of our round-up and we've got a split from misfitchris and Starpause
Download & stream here!