We're done! Thanks again for all the support, tracklist of the year is below and you can get the full zip of the entire year (all 45 singles!) right here!

Week #01| Kris Keyser // Chipocrite
Week #02| MrWimmer // Solarbear
Week #03| Galaxy Wolf // Monodeer
Week #04| origami repetika // chunter
Week #05| Tin Foil Hat Brigade // Comptroller
Week #06| Chema64
Week #07| OSCBOX: HarleyLikesMusic // Comptroller
Week #08| Sam Mulligan
Week #09| PANDAstar // Smashboy
Week #10| Je Mappelle
Week #11| Gab Pearson // James Landino
Week #12| bubu
Week #13| FLOOR BABA
Week #14| bitpuritans: HertzDevil // bradsmith
Week #15| King Keytan // Alone
Week #16| jiffypop23
Week #17| aviel
Week #18| AutoReMi-PK // Marshall Art
Week #19| Russellian
Week #20| an0va // Little Paw
Week #21| Brother Android
Week #22| Protodome // Phonetic Hero
Week #23| YMCK
Week #24| aanaaanaaanaaana
Week #25| Corset Lore // L-Tron
Week #26| Skycstls // Bitemap
Week #27| WMD
Week #28| SKGB // Dissassembler
Week #29| Yerzmyey // Gasman
Week #30| 2xAA
Week #31| Saskrotch // Kkrusty

The Goodbye Ones:
#A| Bleo // Dauragon
#B| misfitchris // Starpause
#C| Viami
#D| ocean palace // Jellica
#E| J3WEL // Alex Lane
#F| Nanode // Auxcide
#G| hardw1red // SuperPryzm
#H| PTE Squad: (T-T)b // Please Lose Battle
#I| Breakbeat Heartbeat // Braz_OS
#J| Space Town // Matt Nida
#K| kfaraday // bertfm
#L| Tri Angles // Peaches The Wale
#M| TDK // Melt Channel
#N| ame damnee // The J Arthur Keenes Band

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This is exciting I'm excited now.

excitement is occurring here as well


Do the contributors know who they are yet?

Dire Hit wrote:

Do the contributors know who they are yet?

I'm not sure I'll ever truly know who I am.

But seriously, can't wait to hear all these tracks, and can't wait for you all to hear ours!! big_smile

Dire Hit wrote:

Do the contributors know who they are yet?

90% aye

Week #01| Kris Keyser // Chipocrite
Eyyyyyyyyy-O! We're ~mad~ hyped to be launching this year with the incredibly talented duo of NY's Kris Keyser and Philly's Chipocrite, back to back! One part hyper energetic, one part hyper emotional; all pretty spacey. Get on it right here!
Next Week: Vox&Chip // Sucking

So so proud of this one. Big thanks to Paul for absolutely nailing his track and Andrew for inviting us to kick off the new year!!!



Honored to have been invited by Kris to be a part of this! Here's to an awesome year of awesome tracks!

Quality stuff, lads.

Week #02| MrWimmer // Solarbear
On that sophomore shit this week with two widely contrasting tracks from vocal / jazz legend MrWimmer and professional "that guy" Solarbear both banging out tracks using Famitracker. Holla.
Download or stream here

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VCMG wrote:


Week #03| Galaxy Wolf // Monodeer
Week three and we've got two bruisers from the kings of chip bass, undisputed. Get the swagger on lock hunnies ~ heart ~
Get it here !