Week #04| origami repetika // chunter
Week four and we're going back to some odder, lo-fi shit. TWG's fave lofimelodrama raconteur origami repetika back to back with botb legend chunter. Yuuuuup.

Week #05| Tin Foil Hat Brigade // Comptroller
Punx Week with a track by chip's top geeza TFHB and a remix by past Weekly-Treater // hardstyle nutta Comptroller. It's not a kiss it's a lifestyle guys X

aaaaahh site seems to be down for me (although downforeveryone says it's up so maybe ignore this? :v)

Try this link> https://wt2015.bandcamp.com/album/05-ti … omptroller
Because the 'site'  just redirects to there now x

Week #06| Chema64
This week we got two tracks by Mexican-based King Of South American Chip, Chema64. LSDJ Dance // LSDJ Bass
Download / stream that shit here

Hell yeah, Chema's my jam

Week #07| OSCBOX: HarleyLikesMusic // Comptroller
Bringing back them curators this week with a split single curated by Sheffield-based OSCBOX, resulting in a track by live-circuit favourite Harley and WeeklyTreats regular Comptroller. Hard and fast people, hard and fast.
Fuck shit up here

Week #08| Sam Mulligan
This week we got vox n guitar chip from Sam Mulligan's warped mind and a Ludacris cover by him and Solarbear. At least you can't say we've not got variety this year, eh?
Jam out here!

If you were skittles Andy, you'd be mixed berry flavour

Week #09| PANDAstar // Smashboy
This week we got two hyper-happy bangers, one from long-standing LSDJ purveyor PANDAstar, the other from the incredibly talented new kid Smashboy. Unce Unce etc etc x
Stream & Download here

Week #10| Je Mappelle
This week we got two massive tunes by UK-based legend Je Mappelle. One spacey//tropical track, one jazzy club track, both written on a mixture of PC and Gameboy. As I said, massive.
I mean it, MASSIVE.

Wow, this is GREAT! smile

Week #11| Gab Pearson // James Landino
One half French jazzy/funky experimental emotive swooning from Gab Pearson, one half American upbeat kinetic dancefloor renovator from James Landino; this is definitely the most polarised single yet.
Catch the hype here

Week #12| bubu
Manic hyper DnB from Hungarian K.I.N.G of LSDJ bubu. Two tracks of no-fucking-about ground-shaking. Commit.
Rush Here

really enjoying the bubu, esp the second track.