Bump / changed the dates.

Im gonna be at Berlin from 9th to 15th of June or so. Book me.

Here it is!


Also, Vices will have a vdieo

And Mortas video by almighty Keff!

Jeff! Just a bit and ill hook ya up with dl code.

1. Mortars
2. Välikuolema
3. Turma
4. Vices



Coming out from Raha & Tunteet label soon!

Cheers man!

It looks like im coming to IGF on late feb.-early march, any shows happening around that time? DKSTR show could be possible!



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1. Welcome To Pako
2. No Escape
3. Wrong Turn
4. Hysteria
5. Surf Is Up
6. Suburbia
7. Red Ride
8. Living Room

Soundtrack for mobile game Pako (made by my company Tree Men Games). Made mostly with sampled synths, c64 samples etc. Pay what you want! For fans of Hotline Miami Soundtrack, Perturbator, Drive the Movie etc.

Game itself is out on:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pako-ca … 83877?mt=8

Windows Phone 8:
windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/pako-p … 8ee88a1b32

Coming soon!


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Soundtrack is out:



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Yeah, I think next week ill release the soundtrack EP (7-8 songs)!

Its available on Windows Phone too as Pako Premium, and Android is next to be done, hopefully soon.


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Hi! We just released our retro vibed car chaser game Pako for iOS. I made all the music and graphics. Check out the trailer:


Heres couple codes for you good people.


promo site:


We all should go to this!

Also, getting PUMPED AS FUCK.


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1.Picnic Rumble Theme
2.Above Clouds
3.Pepper Falls
6.Salty Waters Dub
8.Long Journey
9.Steamed Foods
10.Hot Stuf4
13.Rainbow Roads
14.Sugar Rush
15.Wonder Basket
16.Bonus: Graffitti Trailer Song (bonus)

Stream/Buy for 4$ or more:

Ive been slaving off better part of last year with my company and my companies first game, Picnic Rumble. I did all the graphics, most of animation, some level design and all the music for the game. It was hard and stressing but I really enjoyed all of it, especially making care free, naive, feel-good songs.

Why ask more money for soundtrack than the game itself?

Game versions of the songs are about 0:45-1:00 long loops, given the nature of the game (and also of course size restraints). These are fully fleshed versions of those tinier loops, still short but I think pretty nice chill jams. As a bonus download has one bonus song used on our graffiti promo video and the original Windows Phone versions (loops) of the songs.

Game is free for next 24-36hrs on Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone, and its coming out March-April for iOS and Android! For iOS and Android users from chipmusic.org,if you buy the soundtrack, ill do all my best to get you a download code (limited amount of course) for the game itself when we get it out:)

Picnic Rumble:

jbuonacc wrote:

well, he asked.


plenty to talk about as far as AIRA, though i'm having a hard time believing that most anyone here would have much use for them. they look like they'll be VERY limited in scope as far as purpose. i can't honestly think of how many people need a modern-day 808/909/303 over something like an Electribe that offers more functionality. seem they've gotten very close with the sound of these, but they're still strictly limited to "that sound" with a few 'modern' touches.

Thanks for the list. Can I listen some music youve made with that stuff? Originally I just gave an opinion about the new Aira stuff, then gave you more insight why I said what I said and in the end I think we both arent that impressed. Thread back to track pls.

Boner wrote:

yeah i know i have one

You have actual 808 or 303?