I just accidentally deleted a song from my little sound dj cart. I wasn't paying attention and my thumbs were in autopilot. Anyone know how to recover that, or am I just screwed?

I have a setup with two DMGs (sometimes running through guitar pedals for effects) running through a Behringer 802 mixer (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Behringer/X … 6902518.gc)

My problem is that I can only get proper stereo sound (by which I mean my L/R panning effects playing in the correct speakers) when I use a 1/8" to RCA cable and plug into the CD/Tape port, which I can't adjust High/Med?/Low levels on.

I typically use a 1/8" stereo cable with a 1/8->1/4 adapter on the end to plug into one of the first two inputs. The audio comes through both speakers, but when I pan to one side it just gets really quiet.

Am I just using the wrong cables? What should I use if I want to do this right?

(Also - I recognize that the guitar pedals are mono and I won't get proper stereo when I plug into them. I have tried to use them separate from my main set up and then send to the pedals, but I am clearly doing that wrong as well...)

Thanks for any help

This Saturday!!!

Nightingale Theatre - 1084 N. Milwaukee

Environmental Sound Collapse

Visuals by:
Jon Satrom
No Carrier

3.00pm-6.00pm - 8bit game design workshop ($25)
7.30pm - Doors open (Tickets $10)
8.00pm-8.30pm - 8bit open mic
8.30pm - Audio/Visual performances

-Open mic guidelines:
-you must be able to plug in using just one 1/8"
-one song (2-3 min)
-email <[email protected]> if you are interested

more info about the show at <powerup.playpower.org>


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June 3rd?


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Given that it seems like everyone is hella busy, I am inclined to push the concert to something like May 20. would that be better for those of you who have less expendable time?


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So here, is what I got from the people at the Prop:

The steps to running something like this with them include:

0. Choosing an artistic medium for the event (this one is obvious)

1. Getting a team together and thinking of a cause to support

2. Having that team interact with the team at The Prop to put together the logistics of the event (who/how/where) - they say they can help a bunch on getting logistics together

I saw a link to playpower (http://playpower.org/) on No Carrier's site, which I think is a legit cause that can bring in support, is easy to have people rally around - potentially easy to get people interested, and fits with our medium very well.

So - the question now is: who might be interested in getting stuff organized, and who is interested in playing? If you want to help get things organized, send me a message with your email and we can then take steps in getting a date and location set up. If you are just interested in playing, let me know that as well



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I'll email the people, get some information, and get back to all y'all once I know more details


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I know some people who run a non-profit that connects artists with charitable causes, and after talking with some of them they might be interested in helping set up a chiptunes event. They are really good at organizing and running events, so it might be a good way to have another Chicago area concert, bring in some good artists, help out a good cause, get the scene a little more established in illinois, and have someone else handle details.

Would any Chicago area (or midwest) chiptunes people be interested in such an event? Their non-profit is called "The Prop," and their site is <www.the-prop.org>