Great Album Release!!!


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Keep up the great work! i love the whole EP


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This is a Great EP! Recommended!


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Excellent,Very Dark. I like it!

Love the Artwork

Love the art!

Cant wait for this EP im so excited! you do amazing work as always. Thank you for the recommendation greatly appreciated Proto! I will be releasing a Mixtape EP Coming soon, I will post for the details at a later date when it is more Finalized. Looking forward to the 14th!!!!!

2 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink!


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"Rap in ChipMusic" = "Dont Do It"


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SKGB wrote:
Diskette Deluxe wrote:

FM-chip influenced. When I saw him DJ he opened with the Streets of Rage opening theme, figures!

Love joker, I think he calls his style of dubstep 'purple'. It's more like raw electronic hip-hop.

fuck yeah Joker! i started writing a chiptune... tune in his style, maybe some day i'll finish it lol.
btw, metrodub is mainly dub, not dubstep wink


Package Design is Magnificent! I would not even open it when i order!


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The Best Chipstep in my Opinion:

The Last Flying Flag



Double Trouble - 8bit Dubstep

Find More Similar to this? Hit me UP! PLEASE


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Very Nice Release!

Greatly Mastered


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TV Death Squad is still around SKGB, TV DEATH SQUAD Although they have not logged into myspace since 12-1-10, but they are still active on the 8bc, last upload was on 03-01-11 a track called: "smk brk (the great super mario smokeout)"


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Hey everyone, I been a member here for quite some time. i know some of you and the rest hope to know and communicate with soon! I wanted to inform all the Chip Producers and DJs, that has now its own Live Online Radio Station and Social Network! The radio and Network is all up and running just a few minor updates to the profile pages and all will be complete. I am very excited to get this show rolling. I am currently looking for DJs for time slots during the week, month, year...on and on and on... i will be developing a Event System for organization on when and what time DJ are scheduled to play there own live shows. If your interested please PM me or hit up and sign up and get a hold of me that way. IM REALLY Excited to get some new sounds and djs in a fully scheduled week after week line up. The radio is ofcorse revolving loosely around Chip Music Genre. If you would like to schedule or just wanna get some time for a show, just let me know i will give you all the details on connecting to our Live radio! Hope to Hear from some of you.

Thanks again for reading.

DJ Dingo~ The Noobie Netowork & Radio
[email protected]