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Interesting thread, I think about all of the amazing opportunities that I’ve had in the past, some of that was very “right time, right place” - and then I think about how for a new artist there might not be all the same ones today.

All of the people who were putting on those amazing events across the world, were doing it as a labor of love. Sometimes life gets hard, or the passion wanes and new people either take up the torch or it falls away.

Anyways, I still hear badass new chipmusic a few times a year. And I played a tour in November where most of the audience had never heard chipmusic. In fact, it reminded me that there’s still a lot of work to be done, 90% of the world still has no idea about chipmusic.  It was pretty invigorating for me to get that kind of feedback again.

Also the MAGFest chip shows are among the most bumpin’ chip shows I’ve *ever* been to, so there’s that.



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Denver tonight!


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Just wanted to say I had to ask bandcamp for the "any file type" power up. I think the files on my first album are still .zips


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yup look into A/B/Y pedals and switches.


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Oh snap dat shoutout


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I'm going on tour!  I'll be hitting the road with the mighty warriors in Dethlehem and the Descendants of Erdrick will be joining us for a few dates on my quest.

There's a few additional dates not listed on the flyer as well in Rochester, Denver, and Houston!

6/10 -Rochester NY
6/18 -Denver CO
6/19 -Murfreesboro TN
6/20 -Athens GA
6/21 -Savannah GA
6/22 -Raleigh NC
6/23 -Baltimore MD
6/24 -York PA
6/24 -Too Many Games
6/25 -Pittsburgh PA
7/2 -Houston TX

Full details on songkick

Lots of upcoming Danimal Cannon shows, including 7/2 in Houston, TX


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8:28 - 2xLSDJ

https://danimalcannon.bandcamp.com/trac … processing

JodyBigfoot wrote:
danimal cannon wrote:

Yup all LSDJ + guitar. Save files are included with album purchase btw

No extra drums?!?

The kick and snare are blended with samples to beef them up a little


IceWolf wrote:
danimal cannon wrote:

This channel took me the longest to master, it can do a lot....


Cool. Man that was a kickass song! Was that all lsdj except for the guitar? Wish I could play guitar big_smile

Yup all LSDJ + guitar. Save files are included with album purchase btw

This channel took me the longest to master, it can do a lot!

Sometimes I try to make it sound like traditional acoustic drums and cymbals, other times I take advantage of the unique sounds it offers. Don't forget about looped noise! 

Looping S commands on a table make for great sweeps, using different starting patches can completely change the sound of the sweep.  Sometimes you might want to try to sound like sound effects, in the bridge of this song I tried to sound like a factory exploding, it's not even in time with the song.



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I'm holding out for VapeTracker

I singlehandedly changed the game of inputting notes into a sequencer