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new zan-zan-zawa-veia wrote:

there's jazzfunk chiptune

can you give me all of the links you have of this please?


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thank you!!!!! this is awesome!

holy flyer thats amazing. are those going to be for sale?


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Sup ya'll?

We're going to be playing Pulsewave in NYC on Saturday, July 30th, with bc likes you!, and TTb.

Hope to see your awesome faces there!


Matej wrote:

And why 8BC ended?

https://chipflip.wordpress.com/2010/01/ … leepbloop/


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////////////////Potential trigger warning////////////////////

I still watch this video from time to time and all these years later, it still cracks me up:

This guy was, is, and will always be a fucking loser. I am so sorry to the OP, what he did to you was inexcusable, and while I don't normally advocate violence...I would gladly beat the shit out of this guy if we ever cross paths.

BLEO wrote:

[FML] I'm going to be way out of town July 29 and I would have setup a Noisewave/Shrimps show in a second if I was around.[/FML]

aagh! next time dude! i need to see shrimps again so i can STRUT THAT BUTT

Hey all,

We're looking to book a few dates out on the east coast this summer. We're booking around a date we have in NYC on July 30th, but we're looking to gig before and after that as well. We were hoping that we could play some other chipmusicians for the following dates/locations

July 29 -Philadelphia/New jersey/Upstate NY
July 30 - NYC
July 31 - DC/Virginia/Philadelphia

We're open to pretty much any venue, basements, art spaces, coffee shops, bars, whatever.

Reply in the thread or DM me if you could help us book something. Would love to be able to get out and meet some of you this summer and rip a few gigs! Thanks


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goddamnit this is so fucking good.


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Timbob wrote:
noisewaves wrote:

Ah i see, so would something like this work for what I need?

That's the one you want

Awesome! Ill have to pick one up then


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Knife Crimes wrote:

USBboy won't work as it isn't a USB MIDI host device. Far simpler to use Arduinoboy with DIN MIDI.

Ah i see, so would something like this work for what I need?

Any loop pedal enthusiasts here? Just got wind of the new Ditto x4 looper and the fact that it has MIDI in/thru made me think about experimenting with using LSDJ to play back in sync with overdubbed guitar loops.

I was thinking the set up would look something like:

LSDJ (set to master) > USBboy > Ditto X4. Then using the pedal to overdub guitar on top of the LSDJ backing track.

Just wondering if anyone here has attempted something like this or experimented with syncing LSDJ to any analog/digital loopers via arduino or the like.

Has anyone experienced any roadblocks or major hurdles with a similar setup? I'm thinking it should be as simple as grabbing a usb 2.0 to MIDI converter and trying it out.

this is amazzzzziiiiiiing