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(DELETED - nevermind, I linked an adroid app)

Found it here:


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Reagrding the shift-N/shift-U I noticed a quirk a while ago, not sure if it's worth fixing though.

So, I think this function scans the playlist for whatever is written into it, but it doesn't skip the FF parameters. So it will assume that whatever position you're jumping to or the loop number are used patterns.

There really isn't a real drawback to this as the tunes get optimised when packed, unless you have used up ALL the available patterns.
But I thought I'd mention it anyway smile


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[edit] I added version 201711 ot the defmon wiki download page: http://toolsforscholars.com/defmon/doku … d:download

Pretty sure this version fixes that bug (and is the last non-experimental version that I know of)
It might not retroactively fix your song but like you said you can just add the pattern breaks to it.


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Or I guess grab the latest version from here and see if the bug persists:
http://toolsforscholars.com/defmon/doku … d:download


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OK that definitely looks like a bug.

The red dots are the pattern end. Normally they are on the last step but you can set the pattern break to be sooner if you want shorter patterns or weird time signatures.

What version are you using?
I remember that one particular version had some issues with missing pattern breaks.
When you start defmon there is a number lower left on the status bar (actually a date of the build). Can you read that number for me?


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You can't use sequences above 7F
That means you have 128 sequences at your disposal, should be enough for most songs smile


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Well this escalated quickly smile

Cheers for the build!


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Did anyone maybe try to run piggy on a pocketchip?

It SHOULD run, right?

aw yiss

Welcome back Pink smile

This is lovely news.

Also love that cover of Julius' kicking tune heart

Santa's early this year!


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tearauth wrote:

This is all ive got at the moment, actually sounding alright so far. Need a mixer as i cant really do anything live at the moment

Goat and Pig, nice


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I see that this thread is more about figuring out the BPM than setting it, but in case you want to do the latter, defMON is one of the few (only?) c64 tracker that can do this:

You will need to use this link to calculate the numbers you have to enter though:


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Pics or it didn't happen! smile


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KeFF wrote:

My recent pixels:

Oh you did gfx for KoPaP2? Very nice, I did notice how the gfx in the sequel is much better! big_smile