But yeah, obviously you'll need to add your own touch and find your own style smile
Finding and playing around with sounds is the best part of writing in LSDJ


The .sav was included in the digital copy of Spectra but I've just discovered that the link is broken. Here it is:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8bpnyaoa6ql1 … ies.lsdsng

Just been speaking with him on facebook. He's gonna make a post here soon

His response:

Roger Kuan
Hi Niamh.
Yes, what I did was wrong and I am going to make this right. In terms of Last.fm and Spotify, I do not claim monetary royalties from them at all. I have no affiliation with any accounts outside of Revernation. It was Reverb who distributed to some Tunecore shit company, whom then distributed to the major hosts.
Its crazy how much traffic comes and goes through pages Ive never visited or had access to. And then, the most surprising thing is knowing that the Internet archives everything. So from your standpoint, you just want me to fix what trouble I made for myself and the damages done to the other affected artists.
That I will own up to. This will be done in a timely fashion. I give my humble regards to you for not wanting to take my head off with a pitchfork. Unlike some others who would think otherwise.

I just sent this to him. It goes to his "Other" folder but w/e:

Hi Roger (8bitstellar),

I believe you have been in contact with Sebastian regarding your theft and exploitation of music that didn't belong to you - my tracks were among those that you had on Grooveshark. What you did is utterly disgusting and completely disrespectful to music and artists.

You claim to never have made money, which I highly doubt considering you have quite a few listeners on Last.fm and Spotify. I honestly couldn't care less if you're apologetic or in remorse about what you did. None of this will be justified until you do everything necessary to remove what's left of your 8bitstellar identity from the internet. The fact that you haven't done so, due to the need for a payment is ironic. You are still capable of making money from what you have for sale online and are therefore still breaking the law. Get it all taken down and take some responsibility for your actions.

Niamh (chipzel)

Hey guys,

So from what Sebastian's said, his name is actually Roger Kuan (idiot). He also goes by "Porkour" according to his facebook but I don't think there's anything music related to that name. He claims he didn't make any money but I highly doubt that. To be honest, I don't see much point in sending him a load of hate, but it may be worth messaging him if you were one of the people whose music he sold.

Hey guys smile

I'm in contact with Sebastian Wolff from Loudr right now. He did some background research:
"As far as I can tell, it's a guy (likely not named Roger Kuan) who's been changing his DJ name every few months. insilicomusic, 8bitstellar, BluFactor, megaminx..."

I don't think he's actually earning anything off my tracks but I'll see what I can do for everyone else. He has 1,600 listeners on Last.fm so it's very likely he's earned quite a bit from everyone. I'll keep you all posted, but if we can continue to find the artist and track names I can send it to Sebastian