Anybody driving to this wanna take me with?? I'll give you money brahzz


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Damn man, shirobon sucks...

still going to this though I'm stoked!


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Hey, I can post a picture for anybody that wants to see it. It is in working condition but I just don't want it. My drive to make new chipmusic has decreased dramatically so that is why I am selling this.

Willing to hear offers from you guys, but I feel like this is probably some sort of collectors item, wont go below 50 bucks.


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woof, yup this kids got shit goin on! I shoulda went to school in fuckin LA i swear...

Im just hear to say: putting stickers on things =/= sticker bombing.

e.s.c. wrote:

seriously, make the trek to superbyte, man


Ill try and make it down to some of those

Cementimental - Holy shit dude, im so there!!

Fulhast - Lets grab a pint one weekend and talk about getting a show together.

Nordloef - I may not go to that anamanaguchi show just because im not that big into em anymore and cant get back into em for some reason, and as much as i would love to go to superbyte, i will agree ForaBrokenEart in that it is a big far for me (just having started school and having so much shit to do) and also I am kinda on a budget, so travel, hostel expenses, and tickets would definitely do some damage sad

Awol - Im going to University of the Arts London:Central Saint Martins and im doing a foundation year to start, but i think i wanna do graphics.


So that's that. I moved to London to go to school, I brought my gameboys with me, lets meet up for a pint and shoot the shit. Also trying to find some people who are down to play some shows out here.

Message me for my fancy, new europhone number.

heart heart

Im trying to carpool with somebody, anybody who is driving from New York City or somewhere in the metropolitan New Jersey area to BRKfest. i will give you money for gas and I'm not too creepy that you wouldn't want to be in a car with me for that long.

PM me.

The start time has been changed to 7pm. open mic at 7:30.


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This is god damn amazing!!


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Alright so I'm using a ghetto build now and I need your help guys. I realize I'm on a forum so I'm guaranteed to get flamed for asking this but, I'm on the piggywiki manuel and it gives key mapping for PC, like A=A, B=S, etc. but I can't figure out what the LT and RT buttons are on the mac keyboard. any other OSX users wanna help me out??



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So I downloaded the stable build of OSX lgpt from the official site. unzipped the .rar file. went into the folder, double clicked the LittleGPTracker icon, and it just bounces up and down in the application dock but never actually opens, no matter how long I wait. Anybody else ever experience this problem?? Any way to fix it?