but when do the amp_dmg's come out?

An unreleased experimental music game/app from Toshio Iwai (Electroplankton) and Gunpei Yokoi (Bless his heart).

More Information:
http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/0 … ck_to_life

I don't really have time to play around with this right now, but woah! It looks fun as hell. Discuss?

You guys like games, right?






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arecibo radio


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Something I did last year for a show I put together:

PM me with how much $$$ you're willing to put into it and what kind of design you're looking for wink

2X4B wrote:

what are the common pitfalls?

Making it all about the nostalgia, not taking the artform seriously, sticking on labels (like retro), calling it a genre, making it all about video games...


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Just popped in to say: great choice of color, good luck selling! smile

It's fairly straightforward and probably serves as great literature for people-who-don't-know-about-chip. It doesn't fall into some of the common pitfalls that gets some of the artists here into angry fits. Also, Laser Dog cares about aesthetics and graphic design which is really important! Kudos on your good lookin' website wink

So, yeah, it's a pretty basic piece, but well written all the same! Welcome to the community! I'd recommend reading further on the subject, chipmusic goes pretty deep!

I've got a like-new copy of Fantasy Life I've been looking to get rid of...

Not letting go of Smash quite yet, but I've also got an original blue ds with Jam Sessions, and an Happy Holidays Cards flashcart.

Haha, that's pretty accurate.

I've kept researching (I thought maybe I could find an eurorack module that converts the click sync to midi?), and according to commenters here:

http://blog.utopianlabs.com/2013/09/kor … -midi-out/
http://createdigitalmusic.com/2013/08/f … eets-korg/

The midi out DOES send clock data??

Aha! That's one way to do it.

I enjoyed this. The almost incidental/improvised sounding nature of first dose reminds me of my own synth jams. The textured sound design, the samples on inheritance powder and embers, the melody in the blaze. Thank you for sharing. heart

Augh! Well, thanks for the answer bleo, prof.

But how would it work if I insisted on using an mG?

The microgranny isn't click synced, at least not on it's own, so

...but is the click signal still effective if I were splitting it with a passive mixer in order to feed into 3 devices? Wouldn't it lose amplitude?